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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Twenty First Century Life

How every one should live in twenty first century:

With all the development and sophistication everyone should live in

A place with fresh air,
A place with clean water,
Fresh Air and Clean Water

A place where one can produce, eat unadulterated and non artificial chemical induced food.

Artificial Chemical Free Foods - Mangoes from EA FARMS

An Earth with no wars, racial and religious tensions.

A place with no greed, where everyone helps each other and join hands to work towards betterment of Environment (incl. Flora and Fauna) and Human Kind.

A World where poverty does not exist.

Need truthful leaders who want to give good to people.

All the above points look like a dream now.

What have human kind done and What is really happening:


(I did some google image search (research) on each topic), you can also search and the results would cause heart aches.

Air Pollution is at highest level - see the map.

Water Pollution -  I did a google image search on water pollution and it was nasty all over the Globe.

Food is contaminated by so many things.

Pollution facts.

So many wars are taking place even in this 21st century. People are killed and displaced at alarming rate.

Even in this 21st century it is hard to understand with so much of advancement, poverty still exists.

There are people with hunger, no shelter and basic necessities for sustaining healthy life.

I hope and pray for the dream environment to come to true for future generations. It starts from every individual. We need more compassion and love rather than hate.We have come to this Earth for a reason. Let us make our life useful and contribute to the betterment of the Earth, rather than destroy it. Let us work towards less pollution, war and poverty free Earth. Better Environment is the best for Future Generations.

I pledge I will do my best towards better environment and request you to do so,

Environmental Scientist and Information technologist

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Water - Please Conserve


March 22, 2017 - Today is World Water Day

Water, as we know, is an important chemical compound.
I am fascinated towards water as an Environmental Scientist.
If water resources are depleted or water management is not properly done, it will affect individuals, countries and even the whole Globe.

Amazing hydrological cycle keeps recycling water and give us this wonderful required compound (Water) to survive.

Higher percentage of the human body is water. We all know we need water to survive.

But how have we treated this water - we took it for granted. Now, literally we are paying for it.
We are conducting wars for water.

We are interrupting hydrological cycle by
- affecting rain patterns
- deforestation
- depleting aquifers
- pollution

 Cutting trees, over usage of ground water with replenishing, industrial effluents, sewage waste, medicinal waste, agricultural run off, golf course run off, leaking under ground storage tanks, leaching from industrial run off, landfill leaching and runoff (to name some) are affecting water bodies and quality of the water. Even though new type of contaminants enter the water, water treatment has not changed accordingly in  most places.  
Water treatment must be tailored according to the situation rather than following the same methods everywhere.Simple substances such as banana peel, burned coconut shells and neem leaves can be used in treating water especially in poor areas where they could not afford high quality treatments.
Water Treatment

 Precious liquid water must be conserved and protected or else future generations will be affected.
Was very happy to see a scientist who is conserving water.

I am fascinated towards Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Ponds, Streams and Oceans.

These are some of  the reasons that took me to enter the world of Water Research.
I taught Water related courses in India and in United States.

I was lucky to conduct water research on Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Chesapeake Bay always amazed me.
 Beautiful Chesapeake Area

I have been part in deflecting a serious threat to our oceans by sending letters to Administration officials

 to protect our oceans all over the World.

I have been involved in collaborating scientists to do water research and promote the value of water and water bodies.

We have taken steps to conserve water at EA FARMS.

Water Recharging Pit @ EA FARMS

I request you to please Conserve water.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Save Farmers

I never thought I would write a blog article with a title Save Farmers. Every human at least for now depend on Food for survival. The way it is going, one day we would be living just on Pills. Until then we should respect and support farmers who work in the dirt to produce our food. Every health article talks about fruits, vegetables and grains. These food items does not come magically. It is the hard work that is being put in by the farmers with the help of the nature. Yes they need natures's help such as rainfall. When the rain Gods ditch them they undergo severe hardships that they could not withstand. Some of them in Tamil Nadu commit suicide, which gives us heavy heartache.  Now they are protesting in Delhi. As always I support them. I kindly request the government to work on this immediately and provide support as soon as possible.
Those who are protesting and fasting are not Rich,
They are the farmers who give us Food on the table by working hard. Because of their work we eat wonderful Rice, tasty and healthy vegetables, greens, grains and fruits. They work hard in Sun without proper covering, clothing in the dirt and uncovered feet in wet paddy fields among snakes and other animals. It is not easy. Comparing to sitting and typing in a AC room with a state of art computer (what I am doing right now) it is very very tough to do farming activities.. 
We understood this when we tried traditional farm work at EA FARMS:
However I am glad that I support them, pray for them and write for them.. They are not asking government's help to become rich. Even if they receive support they are not going buy lavish things, they are going to invest in their agriculture land to produce more food. For living healthy we need good Food along with other elements.
If they receive normal monsoon rains, they would not even come to this state. That's the reason I always pray for normal Rain all over the Globe. But as nature's rule, droughts cannot be avoided. But we need to take necessary steps to counter the drought. We should curtain air pollution that contributes to climate change. We need to use renewable resources.
Water management is very important. When there is heavy rain, it needs to be conserved. There are ideas to merge Rivers. Rain water harvesting should be done everywhere. Swales need to be created in the farm to recharge ground water.
A Swale at EA FARMS

Water should be used as if we are in drought even when there is ample water. We have to conserve soil, rivers, mountains and forests (whole environment). Future technologies such as Graphene Sieves should be embarrassed soon to provide water in severe drought conditions.
Farmers including poor farmers should jump into Sustainable Natural Integrated Farming.

Growing cattle for Dairy Products and manure

They should do multi layer crops instead of single crop.

Families need to buy produce from them. Youngsters and every citizen should support them.Then they will not face this situation.
Government, politicians and officials should support farmers and farming activities.
With Farmers at EA FARMS

They should stop activities and projects that affect agriculture.

Our Deiva Pulavar Thiruvalluvar said this long back and it is for a reason;

உழுதுண்டு வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்மற் றெல்லாம் 
தொழுதுண்டு பின்செல் பவர்

Simple explanation - Farmers life is the best and other follow them for the food.

So it is very important to save the life of a farmer. We need to support every farmer in the Globe, because they give us the ingredients of tasty food on our table. Praying to God to Save Farmers.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Renewable Energy

Recently visited MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry).

At this recent bad times of Environmental Protection and Projects, the presentation there gave some positives.

Most of the countries want to phase out non renewable energy sources including Nuclear Energy,

They want to focus on Renewable Energy sources:

Renewable sources such as Bio, Wind and Solar (Good News on Solar):

Several countries want to tap into and develop renewable energy:

These renewable resources should be obtained sustainably, pollution free and efficiently:

Every household should utilize renewable energy:

As an Environmental scientist these were the positives.

At EA FARMS we already are utilizing the renewable resources (Bio & Solar):

Our area is also having biggest solar farm and utilizing wind energy:

It is  better  to focus on renewable energy rather than non renewable energy which will benefit humankind and the environment.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I am Pi

3/14 -
Pi -  is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and it remains the same for any size. (Planet Jupiter size circle or penny sized circle). Pi is special.

A Poem on Pi

written by my daughter who is a 7th grader 


For years I have been lurking, elusive
Pursued by the brightest of minds, mathematicians
In the ancient times I have been studied relentlessly
By the Egyptians, Chinese, Indians by candlelight
Never ceased to be truly lost until one day
Archimedes thought of how to say
Numerically the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter
Fast forward to the modern times
Believed to have been mastered by computers
Better yet, the human brain
Calculated to digits you cannot perceive
That’s the beauty of me
Left alone, I serve you well
Needed for all the calculations, the area, the circumference
Students toil over me
Trying to grasp my vastness, my complexity
I will never be contained… I am irrational
One of a kind, a juggernaut
You can’t stop me… Literally
So what am I?
Sure, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter
But also a symbol, iconic to the essence of math
Used in trigonometry, geometry
Not just math, but also science
Prominent in astrophysics, thermodynamics, mechanics
I’ve been thought of 22/7
But that’s inaccurate, heed my warning
Don’t try to rationalize me
I am used to make sense of circles, spheres, ellipses
You think I was formulated just for mathematics?
If you didn’t know, for centuries, I’ve been a Greek letter
Surprised? Think of where I’ve come from
Well, I’m so special
I’ve got my own holiday, March 14
You think other math terms have celebrations?
Didn’t think so
Students bake pies, decorate them with me
Frantically try to memorize my digits
It’s a day to commemorate
The abundance and benefits of math
But also to remember the struggles, the history
I was rooted in deep
Until you got me
Make the best of it, I will always change
From the ancient times to the contemporary
I am a juggernaut, irrational
Don’t try to approximate me...

Her poem about Bird's spot while on 4th grade.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Save Fisherman

Heartfelt condolences to the Tamil Nadu fisherman killed.

This is now regular occurrence and after a while we forget and then it repeats again.

Underprivileged poor fisherman is killed and his family has to undergo severe burden. Thinking of it gives a very bad heart ache.

What needs to be done.

As we know we have the money (second GDP in India all that) - so why not implement a project that will help fisherman not to enter other country's territorial waters. There are technologies. There are different types of Buoys already used in Oceans. There are even open source technologies. Some buoy are manufactured to even generate electricity. Why not build a buoy chain with alerts (In India mobile technology has improved, everyone now has mobile and mobile alerts have become common). The government can  build stationary chained link of floating buoy with alerting sensors on them at least in the sensitive border areas (total coastal line is little more than 1000 Km  only.). Fisherman should be educated on the territorial border, taught about the mobile alerts and respect these alerts and not drift to the hostile territories. This project will not be very expensive. Governments, Marine institutions should investigate and work on these techniques to thwart another poor fisherman's death as soon as possible.

About Buoy Installation

Higher level leaders should talk to their counterpart of the other country and tell them what has been done to prevent our fisherman to accidentally drift into their territory, Also should ask them not to kill poor fisherman. They should warn the fishermen without killing them. Killing will not solve the problem. Nothing is more important than the life.

Stricter Laws along with databases can be created. Already they are arresting these fisherman, so it won't be that difficult to warn them, note their details and maintain them in their databases. Repeated offenders can be noted, given to India and India should take action against them rather than other country's Navy killing the poor fishermen,  Nothing is more important than the life of poor fisherman who is working so hard to support his already underprivileged family, This whole thing should be dealt in a humane way. No one can feel proud and think they have solved a problem by killing an unarmed poor fisherman. People who shot this poor fisherman may think they had done a wonderful job now, but think about his poor family, kith and kin - What have you done to them.

God is watching all the deeds.

Also in environmental aspect of the issue, coastal management has failed. There are several proof that coastal areas have been polluted and water is more of a chemical soup, cesspool and less and less marine flora and fauna are able to survive. This needs to be taken into consideration soon. Marine and Coastal bodies need to work diligently to make the oceans fertile again, so lots of sea animals will start to revive and fisherman need not travel as much into other territories for finding fish and be killed for such reasons.

So to save the life of poor fisherman:

Build floating Alert Sensor Buoy Borders
Provide GPS alert systems when boat drifts towards other territory
Leaders should communicate, Create International Fishing Laws between these sensitive areas and adhere to them.
Warning Fisherman instead of Killing them
Revive Marine Environment instead of polluting them.

Environmental Research work @ Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean area

Governments need to spend money on these projects to make fishing more safe and
Save underprivileged poor Fisherman's life (Which is very very precious especially to his poor family that depends on him).

Politicians, Soldiers please think in humane way and do your part to save these poor fishermen. Solve this problem by communicating with all parties and device a solution rather than KILL a poor FISHERMAN (which will not solve this problem),

Until then We (normal people) all can only support and Pray to God for these poor Fishermen to be safe.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

TamilNadu Positives

In my previous article, I had listed lots of negatives that are happening in Tamil Nadu.
Historically, there have been many positives such as

Second-largest State Economy in India
Excellent Natural Resources,
Wonderful Culture and History,
Wonderful Fauna and Flora
Excellent former Political Leaders,
Scientists including Dr. Kalam,
More than 80% Literacy Rate and for more info - Tamil Nadu Wiki

செந்தமிழ் நாடெனும் போதினிலே - இன்பத்
தேன் வந்து பாயுது காதினிலே - எங்கள்
தந்தையர் நாடென்ற பேச்சினிலே - ஒரு
சக்தி பிறக்குது மூச்சினிலே

If I were the Environmental Minister, what I would do for more positives:

I will create an Environmental Team. Now instead of one man (The Minister), This team will work towards the benefit of Environment,

First let me go through more details and some numbers:

Tamil Nadu Total Square miles - 50,216 mi²

Forest Area - 8743 mi² (These have already been preserved and is under conservative area including UNESCO Biodiversity areas).

Agricultural Area - 23231.79 mi² - during 1960s and it may have been considerably reduced because of the Real Estate Boom.

Gross Domestic Product -  ₹13,842 billion (US$210 billion) 

Population  - 72,147,030 approx. during last census taken living in  23,166,721 households.

Number of Urban and Rural Local Bodies  - 12,524

There are 100s of Schools, Colleges under several Universities.

Now,  The team's plan and action would be:

50216 (total sq.miles) - 8743 (Forest) = 41473 (remaining sq.miles) .

From the remaining sq. miles let us separate the agricultural land - 41473 - 18000 (reduced area due to real estate boom) = 23473 sq.miles.

Now we have 12524 government local bodies, if we divide the land 23473 by the local bodies - it is only 1.87 sq. miles (Let us even make it even - 2 sq. miles) that each local body has to take care.
We will form a team. In the team  I would include students and teachers (who are willing to volunteer)  from Schools, Colleges and Universities to assign simple environmental work along with the local bodies to make the work easier for local bodies.

Team will request retired people with experience to guide the youngsters.

Now, the top level team will assign the work to these local bodies, follow up with them at certain time. It would be similar to a Project Management of a project.

There are few Pollution Control Boards - Team will ask them to give them Air, Water, and other Environmental Quality Reports and discuss how we can improve.

As more and more climate changes are happening and we face both flooding and drought, the team will concentrate and save the water such as connecting water bodies and build better storm systems. The team will device  proper Water Management Systems according to the area.

The team  will tap into natural resources rather than non renewable resources, We already have sufficient Wind mills and Solar farms.

All industries will have Effluent Treatment Plants and will be asked to do Environmental favors such as planting trees and maintaining them.

The team will always see results of such activities and tweak them for more improvement,

In case of water scarcity we will tap into new methods. Water from sea (cost was a factor before - now we should have cost reduced because of solar and new techniques and technologies).

We will make sure 23,166,721 (there are so many rich house holds - so this number will be largely reduced) households have fundamental sanitation, water and basic necessities.

We will work on sustainable technologies.

What about Funding:

When there is good GDP,  there should be some percent going to welfare of the country. So we will request funding for the 2 Sq. miles per local body.

We will request  (not mandatory) business institutions including banks to contribute towards welfare of the environment  at least in their area,

We will request (not mandatory) rich movie actors and cricket players to contribute towards these projects.

We will also request NRIs who wish to contribute to these projects

We will write proposals and get funding from any contributing bodies towards these necessary projects.

These are some of the aspects. Basically it is your 2 square miles that you need to take care.
It is already seventy years of independence. If only these 2 square miles was taken care by corresponding local bodies, it would have already been the golden area that Dr. Kalam dreamed about. Anyway, let us leave out the negatives.

I think together we one can do it.

I am not just saying for the sake of it.

My Qualifications:

Bachelor in Biological Sciences, Masters in Environmental Sciences, Master of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences (India- Bharathiar University)

PhD in Environmental Science and Masters in Computer Sciences (USA - Univ. of Maryland).

Successfully completed several Projects.

My Motto: Make Something Happen.

One of the Project is

 EA Farms - A Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development.

Let us stop the negatives such as non renewable resources and Destructive Development and work towards these positives such as clean environment and Sustainable Developments.

When you take care of  the ENVIRONMENT, 
everything is taken care off automatically.

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD
Environmental Scientist and Information Technologist.