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Thursday, April 22, 2021


 As we celebrate Earth Day 2021, we have to take more steps towards preserving sustainable quality Earth and leave behind a better place for the Future Inhabitants. We should be very careful in every step  we take forward to protect what we have in every discipline. There are better alternatives which are more environmental friendly, sustainable than destructive historical methodologies we use. Young scientists have developed so many innovative concepts which does not affect the Earth, works with Nature and preserves it's quality for the current and future inhabitants. This habit should start from every individual with the thought that their deed will not affect the environment in any way. We have to conserve resources and move forward from non-renewable resources as much as one can. We have to start taking steps towards these goals.


We concentrate on Sustainable Agriculture Practices at EAFARMS. Also create Environmental Awareness in social media such as Facebook, Quora and others. 

It was an enormous loss of a great Environmentalist during this Earth Day Month - 
PadmaShri Dr. Vivek ( Actor) 

who had ardently followed our great leader Dr. Kalam to plant 33 Lakh Trees and maintained them with a goal of planting 1 crore trees. Big Salute to him.

Several such people including  oldest 

have done so much in creating better environments,

We are following them and working towards that goal of planting one crore trees following them. We strongly motivate and stand behind the volunteers for Greening the Environment. Simultaneously, we want to eradicate Hunger and Poverty from the face of Earth. 

Wherever you are, please join us in our goals and contribute towards BETTER EARTH, QUALITY EARTH and SUSTAINABLE EARTH for current and future Inhabitants. Let us take that pledge on this EARTH DAY 2021.

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD
Environmental Scientist and Information Technologist.

Thursday, March 11, 2021


 Converting a several years of artificial chemical utilized (Pesticides, Insecticides and other artificial chemicals) agricultural land to a Sustainable Organic Natural Agriculture system takes some hard work and time. At EAFARMS we have executed this project and want to share the steps.

Practicing water conservation methods, coconut farms were maintained with farm manure without use of any artificial chemicals.

Coconuts are dehusked and the husks are used in composting again in the farm.

Once coconut flesh are removed,
they are sun dried for few days 
and pure organic coconut oil is extracted in the oil mill.

Remaining coconut powder is added
to cow feed as an additive to complete the whole process.

Pure organic oil and milk are supplied to local community at Pollachi - Viluthu Store for healthy produce, milk and food. 

This process of ZBNF methods are followed at EAFARMS. Integrated Agriculture (Animal rearing) - 

Sustainable Organic Natural Agriculture with Zero Budget, Permaculture and Dr. Nammalvar farming techniques along with regenerative principles are practiced at EAFARMS

Thursday, February 11, 2021


 Rain or shine, these heroes voluntarily work for the betterment of people and environment. I had the privilege working with them directly and notice they have been tirelessly working over the years as volunteers without expecting any returns. They are the real heroes.

RamaKariyam Sukumar:

Even though I have never seen him personally we work with him in eradicating Hunger around Pollachi. Best groceries procured in bulk which is cost effectively done by our friend.

 Rain or shine, everyday his family cooks food (freshly cooked daily early in the morning), 

packs them (young volunteers help sometime)

and deliver to the underprivileged people around Pollachi. 

Mr. Sukumar does this like a saint and never stopped even for a day for the past several years. I hope we can take this to next level with an objective of eradicating hunger and poverty from the face of Mother Earth.

RamaKariyam Sukumar and his friends planting trees as volunteers:

A video about him

Along with him I want to appreciate youngsters around Pollachi who daily, weekly perform volunteer work especially focusing on environment that includes cleaning water bodies and planting trees. Glad that prestigious Padmashri award were given to such real heroes -  Harekala_HajabbaPappammalThese types of heroes must be celebrated for their limitless service to the humankind and environment. Also coordinating the donors, volunteers and farmers which form the key triangle to eradicate hunger and poverty from the face of Mother Earth. Let us all join together and contribute towards this goal all over the Globe.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Greening the Environment

As deforestation is occurring in the name of development especially road expansions all over World, 
it is very important to plant more and more trees to green the environment. Trees are very important for the environment. 
They not only provide important oxygen but also are very important for rainfall for the areas they are in, apart from so many other benefits. Every one knows it is one of the important tool to fight the human induced climate change as it acts as great carbon sink. In India, Great Dr. Kalam envisioned the importance of trees, persuaded many to plant as many trees as one can. Recently, I had privilege to communicate with many volunteers, who want to plant as many trees as they can to reap the benefits, especially by the future generations. These great volunteers provide their valuable time and hard work. We have to salute each and every one for them for their hard work. As an Environmental Scientist, I am proud of such volunteers, and I will contribute my knowledge and share whatever I can give towards these greening projects for planting more and more trees. Various fruiting trees are also planted by these volunteers which will be very useful part of the environment betterment.

Volunteers from the following groups are doing great projects by planting so many trees and making the environment more greener and making it ready to counteract the human induced climate change. Want to recognize these volunteers from these groups for their relentless planting of trees where it is mostly needed. I salute these groups and volunteers. Wherever you are, follow these volunteers, create your own groups and plant more and more trees.

Aalum Viluthu Anamalai Group:
Relentlessly, they work every week and have planted so many trees in and around Pollachi - Anamalai.

Adarvanam Tree Org: A new group that started recently in Pollachi - focusing on tree planting and just completed their first project in Pollachi - A Miyawaki method forest creation.

Kovai Kulangal: They have done great work and continuing their unprecedented work in and around the city of Coimbatore. They have cleaned several water bodies, planted so many trees and created several Miyawaki forests in the area.

Pollachi Water Bodies Restoration Group: Relentless volunteers working every week in cleaning water bodies and planting trees in Pollachi areas. Their main and proud project is cleaning the Mariamman temple pond - Theppakulam - which was severely polluted and garbage strewn area including thrown broken liquor bottles. After several weeks of hard work the temple pond is now very clean water body and even water quality of pond is great after analyzing the water in the lab. Very good effort by the Pollachi Water Bodies Restoration Group.

Vergal: A great group that focuses mainly on tree planting and welfare of the environment. They have planted several trees, created Miyawaki forests. Always willing to create environmental and tree planting projects. They have selected a farm and planted thousands of trees which will benefit the environment for sure.

Also, want to mention relentless volunteer work by 
Target ZerO Environment Conservation Trust Group:
These volunteers work hard to keep plastics away from the environment in the Western Ghats area - Valparai. Every week for several years they have removed plastics which are thrown with ignorance by the visitors. Rain or shine,  these volunteers put in efforts to remove the plastics which are hazardous to the environment and wildlife. Their facebook page - Target ZerO.

Volunteers from Samuthur Village also have been planting trees and making the environment green:

Proud of all the volunteers and groups, Hats off to them. With these type groups and volunteers, I am confident that environment will be greened, which will benefit current and future generations for sure. If you are reading this, please create your own groups and plant as many trees as you can including food and fruiting trees in your area. It will be very useful for Mother EARTH and its inhabitants.


Planting more fruiting trees: Creating combination of food trees including fruiting trees suggested by Dr. Nammalvar using Miyawaki methods:

Moringa Trees:

Greening the Environment:

Preparation of Land:

Food Trees Saplings
Jamun, Fig, Mango, Jackfruit, Banana, Soursop, Custard Apple, Lemon, Gooseberry, Papaya, Guava, Coconut, Curry and Neem trees are planted in this area as a cluster of trees.

Manual digging of pit for planting the tree saplings

Filling the pit with organic matter

Planted the tree Saplings

Drip irrigation setup for the trees

Envisioning a Green Environment 

Together - let us make the environment more green by planting wonderful trees.

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD
Environmental Scientist & Information Technologist