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Friday, July 22, 2022


Coconuts - Countering Climate Change (CCCC):

Each and every part of Coconut tree is very useful. Tender Coconuts, Oil rich Coconuts, Coconut shells are very useful in various aspects. Tender Coconuts are efficient coolers of human body without any kind of added chemicals. Coconut oils including virgin coconut oils are known for its fungicidal properties. Coconut milk and coconut sugars are also available from coconut. Coconut sap called Neera  is a nutritional healthy drink. Coco fibers can be used in clothing, biodegradable products and has various environmental usages such as erosion control, and oil cleanup. Cocopeat is very useful as a growing media. Dried branches can be used as mulch in the farm. Activated carbon from coconut shells is best for water filters. Biochar from coconut shells is another wonder growth media. Coconut trees are considered as Trees of Life.

Such wonderful coconut tree can be used to counter anthropogenically induced climate change. Coconut trees grow with several branches and is great for carbon sequestering. A coconut tree can store an average amount of 50 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Scientific studies suggest positive potential of coconut tree as a as a potential sequestration source to mitigate the climate change problems

Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India - the town where our roots are is called coconut city. It is agriculture area near Western Ghats biosphere with lots of coconut farms. 

Coconut trees canopy under the foothills of Western Ghats can sequester more carbon and truly help in fighting the human induced climate change. 

Agricultural companies, entrepreneurs, researchers are involved in fine tuning coconut varieties. One such person is Mr. David Johnson Lobo and his varieties of coconut are called DeeJay variety. They are short trees with high yield and have more branches. These varieties not only aid in fighting climate change, but also provide income to the farmers with high yield of coconuts. DASF - Deejay Agri Support Foundation - Planting more Coconut Trees.

Tender coconuts are efficient coolers of human body without any kind of added chemicals.

Lauric acid has been shown to contribute the least to fat accumulation. Also, Lauric acid have demonstrably significant antimicrobial activity against gram positive bacteria and a number of fungi and viruses.

Activated Carbon from Coconut shells (Materials for filtration)

Coconut tree parts - fallen branches can be converted into Biochar and mulch.

Simple steps to make biochar:

*            Dig a deep trench in a bed and loosen the soil in the bottom of the trench.

*             Pile the chopped branches into the trench and light it. Fire starts out hot, but is quickly slows down as oxygen supply is reduced.

*           First white smoke is mostly water vapor. Then smoke turns into yellow because of the ingredients in the material which is being burned.

*             When the smoke thins and turns grayish blue, dampen down the fire by covering it with about an inch of soil to reduce the air supply, and leave it to smolder.

*            After the organic matter has smoldered into charcoal chunks, use water to put out the fire and get the biochar.

Cocopeat - various biodegradable products including plant growth media. 

Coconut related Bio Products - Adhi Annam Coir Comforts | Srivari Coirs

Coconut trees at EAFARMS:

At EAFARMS we follow Sustainable Organic Natural Agriculture with regenerative, indigenous methods along with ZBNF and permaculture techniques. Our tender coconuts have very tasty fizzy coconut water. People should give up drinking unhealthy drinks and drink healthy coconut water. It is amazing that our forefathers understood such benefits of coconuts and used it for Symbol of Rituals in Hinduism including while praying to Lord Shiva

We are constantly working with farmers especially coconut farmers (connecting global farmers) to use these valuable coconut trees to effectively fight against human induced Climate Change.

Together we can make a change.

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD
Environmental Scientist and Information Technologist

Monday, July 18, 2022

Envirocare Green Awards

 Recently heard about Enviro Care Green Awards 2022 (by Envirocare Labs) through a Bharathiar University friend and submitted an application  on behalf of EnviroApps Inc.

"Encourage | Empower | Enlighten -  Envirocare Green Awards  encourages professionals & organizations to think ‘green‘ while contributing progressively  with responsibility towards our Mother Earth. EGA is a non-commercial activity of self-motivated like-minded people dedicated to making a positive difference towards Sustainable Care.
Envirocare Green Awards is now on 5th year, amidst gaining international recognition as a respectable and responsible award. With an overwhelming response of 46 unique applications from 7 countries including India, USA, Oman, Qatar, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Tanzania EGA continues to inspire individuals and organizations to ‘think green'."

With the above concept of Green Awards, we from EnviroApps Inc, Orlando, FL, USA submitted the application for Green Awards. There were like minded people submitting applications from the following countries:

Among all the applications submitted from the above countries the following finalists were selected to present:

Presented EnviroApps Inc's sustainable Green Projects to everyone including environmental patrons, panels and jury, along with all these other finalists. It was great session and great presentation by all the finalists. It is really wonderful to know several individuals, corporates and teams are involved in Sustainable green projects and developments. It was really worth to hear their green initiatives.

Then we had the award ceremony with the following eminent key note speakers:

EnviroApps Inc was a winner Under Envirocare Green Awards - Private Limited / MSME:

It was great feeling for EnviroApps Inc team to get the Envirocare Green Awards 2022 under Private Limited / MSME. It motivates us to contribute towards betterment of EARTH, ENVIRONMENT, HUMAN HEALTH, welfare for current and Future Earth Inhabitants.

In fact, Every one who contributes to welfare of EARTH, ENVIRONMENT, HUMAN HEALTH, welfare for current and Future Earth Inhabitants is a WINNER.

Google Analytics on EnviroApps Blog shows that people from many countries are willing to work towards sustainable green goals and objectives:

Together we can work towards sustainable green projects and achieve a lot. If environment is better everything else will be better.

Bioremediation Environmental Research and other environmental projects

CBBLimited - TEAM

EnviroApps Inc - WTP - Automatic Alert system


EnviroApps Inc - Funding and Working with Greening Projects by Volunteers

Awareness  - A-Z on Pollution:
A – Air pollution, B – Bombs and Biological Weapons affecting Earth Inhabitants, C – Coastal Pollution and Climate Change, D – Deforestation, E – eWastes and Endocrine Disruptors, F – Fish Kills occurring Massively, G – Global Warming and Groundwater Depletion, H – Hazardous Wastes, I – Industrial Pollution, J – Junk Disposal directly into environment, K – Killing Animals, L – Land Depletion, M – Metal Pollution & Toxicity, N – Noise Pollution, Nuclear Wastes, O – Ozone Depletion and Ozone Pollution, P – Pesticides and Petroleum pollution, Q – Quarries – Mountain top removal, R – Radiation Disasters, S – Solid Wastes and Sewage, T – Toxic Wastes, U – Underground Storage Tanks, V – Vehicle pollution, W – Water Pollution, X – X-ray and Medical Wastes, Y – Yard Wastes, and Z – Zinc Mining – Acid Water Drainage

EGA - Planting More Trees

For Environment: ZoomVin 

Hopefully next year there will be more countries and more participants in this prestigious Envirocare Green Awards.

Sustainable Green Development is the future and such award recognition motivates people to get involved in the green future.

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD
EnviroApps Inc
Senior Environmental Scientist and Information Technologist

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Knowledge Transfer

 EnviroApps Inc 

with the motto - We build Teams - Proud to be stepping stones for Individuals & Businesses teamed up  with Computer Science students  of  ANJAC to develop an application for linking - Donors, Servicers and Farmers.

A small good deed always lead to multiple great deeds. On the lines of eradicating poverty and hunger - selfless servicers at ground level prepare food and provide for several orphaned poor people

These servicers are monetarily helped by donors from all over the World and food is supplied on their special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other days.

Organically grown produce used as ingredients are procured from farmers

To tie all these an app was created by 

Computer Science students of ANJAC College (Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India) with the guidance from  our EnviroApps Inc team (Orlando, FL, USA)

Students learned from our experiences and had their hands on various current technologies to build the project (Project Management, Agile/SCRUM methodologies, source control (GIT), CI/CD, NOSQL Firebase (database), data structures, CRUD, HTML5, CSS, Coding Standards, QA, Software Development Life Cycle and team work).

Knowledge Transfer started from the spark ignited by Dr. Kalam - To give what you can.

We also teamed up with several other volunteers (NGM group, VHS group, Environmental groups and Agricultural groups) 


to promote Education, Planting trees, Cleaning water bodies, Eradicating  poverty and hunger and creating environmental awareness.

Wherever you are follow Dr. Kalam's advice - give whatever you can.
It will build Better future for everyone.
Together we can achieve a lot.
Contribute towards education, knowledge building, planting trees, cleaning water bodies, environmental awareness, eradicate poverty and hunger. 

That's what we do at EnviroApps, EAFARMS, ZOOMVIN and promote them.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Shiva Nature

 Shiva Nature:

Historically humans have inclined to find the mysteries of life on Earth. Evidence left by our ancestors are so intriguing and amazing. As we study these historical evidences it is really astonishing how detailed they were. They recorded them for the  future generations to understand the concepts, experience their knowledge, findings and make further progress along their findings. Hopefully we can follow their guidance and move forward in a positive way to obtain the goal of this life on Earth. 

Humans have understood from Nano level to incomprehensible size of the universe. That is the vastness of the place we are in. The smallest of smallest is as important as the largest of largest. Every aspect of this is important to understand and one has to remain in the neutral state. That neutral state is what humans have tried to understand historically. 

It is as simple as a Neutron in an atom and Positive Charged sub-atomic particles (Protons) that are surrounded by Negative Charged particles (Electrons). Electrons, revolve around the Protons which when interact  forms Neutrons (Zero Charge), which creates the stability. This type of constant activity is seen in higher level such as universe (Cosmic dance) with fuzzy stability (Higgs-Boson- some call God's particle). This stability state with constant dance historically was identified as Shiva in Hinduism ( way of life).

     Cosmic dance of Shiva

Every unit (smallest to the largest) are in constant motion and simultaneously stable.  Ancestors represented this concept of stability of constant dance (energy) by Shiva Lingam. Shiva Lingam are found in different parts of the world and some of them have self existed naturally (Suyambu). They carved thousands of lingams in lingam (like fractals) - SahasraLingam.


(Several videos are available about ancient Lingam in the channel by Praveen Mohan).

They incorporated five elements of life ( Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Space (aether - sky))  

Shiva Lingams. 

Prithivi Lingam


Ekambareswarar         Temple -                Kanchipuram

Jambu Lingam


Jambukeshwarar Temple –  Thiruvanaikaval,  Trichy

Agni Lingam


Arunachaleswara  Temple  - Thiruvannamalai

Vayu Lingam


Sri Kalahastheeswara Temple - Kalahasthi

Akasha Lingam


Thillai Nataraja    Temple - Chidambaram

Historical Shiva temples of India fall on the same geographical line in map of India:

Stabilization was the key concept in all these indicators by forefathers. That is the reason they have conferred to be in stable state of mind while one win or lose. They understood the benefits of natural form of stability and gave us in the form of Shiva. They felt the energy from the Shiva Lingam and experienced the meditative stability. 
Hence when excavations were done for archeological purposes Shiva Lingams were found in several places of the Globe (Google Search):

Nepal: - Buddha Birthplace
   Vatican: Museum                                      
Oldest Lingam: Gudimallam:
Ancient Lingam:

    Tallest Lingam:                             
Isha - Lingam  (108 names):
Spadika Lingam:
Thanjavur - Lingam - built by Raja Raja Chola:
Indus Valley Shiva Lingam:

Similarities between - Lord Shiva (Hindu God ) and Ek Chuah (Mayan God)
Bundle of hair, Snake in the neck and rope in the neck, Tiger cloth and Leopard cloth, Anklets on legs, Trishul (Trident) in hand and Spear in hand.

Natural Flower - Naga Linga Poo  (Couroupita guianensis):

Indian Bael (Vilvam - properties ) is used for praying (Pooja) Shiva.

Rudraksha - ( ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS) - Shiva's eye - Yoga beads.

Ancient Shiva Lingam guarded by snake similar to Naga Linga Poo:

Association of snake in Shiva's neck is always amazing. 
Structure of DNA (Double helix structure

For defect less DNA they prayed Shiva to rectify Nagadhosam.

Every part of the Nature were considered part of Shiva. Sacred Mountains were identified as Lord Shiva's Abode. 
Mount Kailash

Mount ShivLing


All these mountains were considered sacred, historically. In a way, the minerals and nutrients flow from these mountains by rainwater and sacred rivers to bring them to land and to make the land fertile for food growth. These mountains are very important in various aspects of Life survival on Earth. Most of the ancient siddhars (500 BCE - 500 CE or 300 BCE or 300 CE - ardent devotees of Shiva) got their ingredients from the mountains (Chaturagiri) and nature. 
Diversified Nayanmars (3rd to 8th centuries CE) devoted their life completely to Shiva coming from different backgrounds and professions.
Recently read scientific articles on minerals in the rock surface acting as photoelectric current materials and brain cells are stimulated by electricity. In most of the temples sun rays falls on the Shiva lingam mostly made up of shiny rocks. A rock has energy in several ways. Assuming it's sitting still, a rock may have gravitational potential energy because of gravity pulling on it. It has energy stored in the chemical bonds in the molecules of the rock. Also, if the rock has some charge on it, it could have electrical potential energy if it was in an electric field. Then of course there is the rest energy of the rock. According to relativity(E=mc^2), the rock has some energy just by being massive. The rock has energy stored in many different ways. Rocks containing radioactive materials (e.g. pitchblende) will radiate energy as the radioactive decay.  People experienced these meditative electric waves in the temple when sun rays fall on them, it had improved their mental health and well being historically.

During childhood days we used to go Shiva temples in Srivilliputtur and Sankaranainarkoil.


  Visited so many other historical Shiva temples over the years:

Great Thanjavur Temple built 1000 years ago By great King Raja Raja Chola

These are great temples and thinking they are standing 1000s of years is amazing as itself. How many people would have come to these places and experienced the divinity. Real truth of life can be experienced in these temples.  Followers have written about their experiences. One such epic work is Thiruvasagam written more than 1000 years by Maanikkavaasagar.
Thiruvasagam by Maestro Illayaraja takes you to the upper state:

From the smallest atom (scientists map atoms in nanoparticle)  to largest Universe:

Scientific Shiva Lingam:

     Shiva Vishnu together:                          
Vishnu and Brahma (floating above Vishnu):

 It is all - the dance of Shiva, once that is realized it is a joy to travel in life along with the dance of Shiva:

In Mathematics, there are proofs adding positive numbers infinitely ends up in an negative fraction. From the circle of life at our Mother Earth, Pangaea or Pangea was a supercontinent in our Earth, meaning all the surface lands of the world at one point were one land mass and now they are attracting towards each other slowly and it may become one huge mass again - this is circle of life at a bigger level. Now, even bigger picture is Universe - Stars and Black holes - So many stars are born and are also pulled by black holes and the event is called “ stellar tidal disruption ”. 

When we understand this concept in a simpler words "Everything is Nothing" it intrigues people and make them obsessed with these type of topics. After all, from Nothing, Something may happen again - A complete circle. That circle of everything - nothing to everything - smallest to largest - no start and no end -  infinite is Shiva - that concept was completely understood historically by our forefathers and was represented by Lingas,  by Temples,  felt it in sound (Aum), Nature and at Universal (cosmos) level in meditative states.

At our E (Eswaran - another name for Lord Shiva) AFARMS, we also have a Shiv Linga and another stone in front representing Nandiyam Perumal). Of course, we have Shiva's dear tree - vilvam tree along with other trees. We practice  Sustainable Organic Natural Agriculture. Along with that we take it to next level of farming - Spiritual Farming. Progress of the farm - over 12 years. Every aspect of the farm is the dance of Shiva - Shiva the Nature. 

I hope you all get the spiritual aspect of the life and how our forefathers mastered it.
If you have such great experiences share to the World to move forward in the right path.

Everything needs to be stable - Peace be on our Great EARTH - Let us all travel  together -