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Monday, July 24, 2017


Earlier Blog: Trees are important

Plant trees as much as you can.
You can place an earthen pot half buried near it and pour water. This oldest drip irrigation (watering) technique. .I recently read that used glucose dripping bottles are being reused for watering the plant and they act as a very good drip irrigation tool.

Planting Trees at EA FARMS

My Dream Project - Planting Trees, Maintain and see them grow into Forests.

Some of Our Trees:
Name Botanical name
Agathi Sesbania grandiflora
Arali Nerium oleander
Athi Ficus carica
Banana genus Musa
Cashew tree Anacardium occidentale
Coconut Cocos nucifera
Etti Strychnos nux-vomica
Fig Ficus carica
Guava Psidium guajava
Iluppai Bassia longifolia
insulin Costus igneus
Jack fruit  Artocarpus heterophyllus
Kadambu Neolamarckia cadamba
Karipala Artocarpus heterophyllus
Kumizh gmelina arborea
Lemon Citrus Limon
Lime Citrus limetta
Lychee Sapindaceae.
Mahogany Swietenia macrophylla
MalaiVembu Melia Dubia
Mangium Acacia mangium
Mango Mangifera indica
Mulberry Morus serrata
Mullai Jasminium auriculatum
Nagalingam Couroupita guianensis
Narthangai Citrus Medica
Naval Syzygium cumini
Nellikkai Phyllanthus emblica
Orange Citrus sinensis
Papaya Carica papaya
Pavalamalli Nyctanthes arbortristis
Peenaari Sterculia foetida
Perunelli Ribes grossularia
PeruNellikai Phyllanthus emblica
Plantain Musa (genus)
Poovarasu Thespesia populnea
Punnai Calophyllum inophyllum
Sakkarikutti Muntingia calabura
Sapota Manilkara zapota
Seedless pomegranate Punica granatum
Seemai Athi Ficus carica
Seetha Annona reticulata
Semparuthi Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Sevaraalli Nerium oleander
Shenbagam Magnolia champaca
Starfruit Averrhoa carambola
Teak Tectona grandis
Thandri Terminalia bellerica
Vanni Prosopis cineraria 
Vengai Pterocarpus marsupium
Vilaampalam Feronia elephantum
Vilvam Aegle marmelos
Water apple Syzygium aqueum

Using Renewable Resources - Solar

Reaping the benefits - Organically chemical free best tender coconut

Those best electrolytes help doing hard farm work

Where ever you are - oppose deforestation, plant trees, maintain them and create Forests. Trees are so important. We need them now and for future generations to come. Because the future generations need good oxygen to breathe and slowly it is becoming scare. Let us be more positive and plant more trees.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Easy Tamil Learning Pollachi Nasan

By chance I met Mr. Pollachi Nasan (great man and has devised easy methodologies to learn Tamil)  at Roundana Pollachi:

he sent me an email.

வெளி மாநில/ வெளி நாடுகளில் உள்ள நம் தமிழ் மழலையர்கள், தமிழ் மக்கள் 
தமிழை எளிமையாகப் படிக்க 32 அட்டைகளை நான் உருவாக்கி உள்ளேன், 
இந்த அட்டைகளைப் பயிற்றுவித்தால் ( நாளொன்றுக்கு 1 மணி
நேரம் போதும் ) 30 நாள்களில்  தமிழ்ச் செய்தித்தாள் படிப்பார்கள். 
அதன் தொடரியாக - நிலை 2, மற்றும் நிலை 3 க்கான பாடத்திட்டங்களும் 
உருவாக்கி வைத்துள்ளேன். நம் தமிழ் மக்கள் தமிழிய ஆற்றல் 
உடையவர்களாக மேலெழ நாம் படி அமைபோம். வெளி மாநிலங்களில்
தமிழ்ச் சங்கங்கள் வைத்திருப்பவர்களும், வெளிமாநிலங்களில் தமிழ் 
கற்பிக்க விருப்பம் உடையவர்களும் என்னுடன் தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்.

32 அட்டைகள் பெற 

32 அட்டைகளை எப்படி நடத்துவது என்று பயிற்சி பெற

10 பேரை இணைத்துக் கொண்டு தமிழ் கற்பிக்கத் தொடங்கினால்
தமிழ் கற்பித்தலுக்கான அனைத்து உதவிகளும் செய்கிறேன். 

உங்கள் ஆன்டிராய்டு கைபேசியில் தமிழம்.பண்பலையை நிறுவி 
பலரும் தமிழிய மக்களாக மேலெழ ஊக்குவிக்கவும்,
24 மணி நேரமும் திருக்குறள் இசையோடு ஒலிக்கும்.

300 திருக்குறளை ஒரே நாளில் கற்றுக்கொள்ள
(ஒரு நாள் நிகழ்வாக மக்களுக்குப் பயிற்சி தரலாம்.
300 திருக்குறளுக்கு அவர்களே உரை சொல்லுவார்கள்)

His contact info:

பொள்ளாச்சி நசன், தமிழம்.பண்பலை, தமிழம்.வலை, 

So please utilize his methodologies to learn Tamil.- தமிழ் வாழ்க 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alcohol Evil , Tamil Nadu, THEEYAVAI THEENDATHEY Tamil Book, Tamil Learning

Alcohol is Evil - It is number one killer. This evil has caught up in TamilNadu. Sad that youngsters are into it - because of the government sponsored TASMAC. It has rooted heavily in TamilNadu and it is very very sad that people die at very young age due to this evil.

In every Tamil movie they play that alcohol is evil and should be avoided, but the scene in the movie is that - the boys are drinking and smoking. I hope and pray that this changes soon. It has come to a point that someone should create awareness of this Arackan (Evil). I have been writing in my blogs about the bad things (mainly health issues) that occur.

Here I would like to say I am proud of my Brother in Law Mr. Arunachalam who had written a book on the 'Alcohol - the Evil' in Tamil. He is highly qualified who had taught in India and in International institutes.
 His Qualifications:

Specialization in:
* Health Communication.
* Sociology.
* Mass Communication& Mass Media.
* Audio Visual Education.
* Teaching Technology.
* Communication Research& Develpmt.
* Advertising & Visual publicity.
* Vocational training & development....
THROUGH *Teaching * Training * R & D and Practicum....
Secured Talent and Skills:
2. Model Making
3. Engraving & woodcarving
4. Textile design & screen printing
5. Tanjoure painting
6. Terracotta.., etc.
acquired Qualification:
1. MA., 2. M.Phil. 3. PGDJMC. 4. DFA.,5. DBP., etc...
Published book (2016) on "THEEYAVAI THEENDATHEY" in Tamil lyrics
(to avoid and wipe out alcoholism, DRUG Addiction and cessation of smoking and tobacco related use).

This book should be read by everyone in TamilNadu especially children. It should be given in every school in TamilNadu, so that young minds will get the needed and necessary awareness that is needed to avoid alcoholism. The book is also highly illustrated so that kids understands them very easily.
Here are some experts from the book from front cover to back Cover.

He mentions to eat greens (spinach).

We grow these spinach (greens) at EA Farms - organically without any artificial chemical input.

Contact info:
Let us eradicate this alcohol evil destroying our great Tamil Nadu.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

India Summer Visit 2017

I had a chance to visit India this summer - 2017. (Previous Trip).

As usual wonderful time spent with family and friends.
Morning - attended cricket nets 

Me and Coach 
if the monsoon rains were not there.

Then visited friends, had lunch with them and had lots of discussions (Quality Time).

Mainly visited EA Farms.

After 7 years of hard work by my brother, it has shaped up very well.
He has planted more than 1000 trees and plants.
Monsoon this season has slightly helped. Praying for more rains.
It is shaping up as we envisioned. Still waiting for agricultural (utility - Power) current (We still did not get it after 7 years).
Solar power has cut the power dependency into half.
Agro-Forest area has some trees grown tall.
We have added VanaRaja and GrahmaPriya Chickens to the farm. They bring aesthetics and clean up worms that forms flies.

They are good addition to the farm apart from cows and goats.

Still planning to plant more trees. My brother is also playing an important role on
Organic Farmers Cluster

which includes a girl with MBA degree doing agriculture. I spoke to some of the members and they were very keen to produce chemical free pure agriculture products. I discussed about value added products. How they need to sun dry the products and make it as powder or oil, which can survive for longer period and fetch them more money.

Also my Scientist friend Dr. Hatha visited me and we went to the farm. He had brought some trees and we planted them.

During the middle of the vacation, we had a road trip to great historic temples such as Kanchi Kamatchi, Thiruvanamalai and Chidambaram Thilai Nataraja Temple. Great temples.

During this visit saw Cauvery which has the name Aganda Cauvery (Wide Cauvery) but it was Varanda Cauvery (no water Cauvery). Felt bad.
Still saw lorries queued up for getting the river soil (sand).
Most of these parts are covered by Karuvelam trees (Prosopis Juliflora) and plastic bags strewn across the land.

Highways were good. Some of them were even good as American Highways.
However the interior villages are still bad. Big pot holes in the road, No proper street lights and fundamental infra structure.
Indian villages are considered as backbones of India. So they must have all the basic infrastructure by which it will become the country envisioned by Dr. Kalam.

I wish and pray when I visit India next time these Villages will Shine brightly and I would say without hesitation that India has grown and developed as Dr. Kalam has told.

Until then we will do our part.
Rainbow at EA Farms

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Twenty First Century Life

How every one should live in twenty first century:

With all the development and sophistication everyone should live in

A place with fresh air,
A place with clean water,
Fresh Air and Clean Water

A place where one can produce, eat unadulterated and non artificial chemical induced food.

Artificial Chemical Free Foods - Mangoes from EA FARMS

An Earth with no wars, racial and religious tensions.

A place with no greed, where everyone helps each other and join hands to work towards betterment of Environment (incl. Flora and Fauna) and Human Kind.

A World where poverty does not exist.

Need truthful leaders who want to give good to people.

All the above points look like a dream now.

What have human kind done and What is really happening:

(I did some google image search (research) on each topic), you can also search and the results would cause heart aches.

Air Pollution is at highest level - see the map.

Water Pollution -  I did a google image search on water pollution and it was nasty all over the Globe.

Food is contaminated by so many things.

Pollution facts.

So many wars are taking place even in this 21st century. People are killed and displaced at alarming rate.

Even in this 21st century it is hard to understand with so much of advancement, poverty still exists.

There are people with hunger, no shelter and basic necessities for sustaining healthy life.

I hope and pray for the dream environment to come to true for future generations. It starts from every individual. We need more compassion and love rather than hate.We have come to this Earth for a reason. Let us make our life useful and contribute to the betterment of the Earth, rather than destroy it. Let us work towards less pollution, war and poverty free Earth. Better Environment is the best for Future Generations.

I pledge I will do my best towards better environment and request you to do so,

Environmental Scientist and Information technologist

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Water - Please Conserve


March 22, 2017 - Today is World Water Day

Water, as we know, is an important chemical compound.
I am fascinated towards water as an Environmental Scientist.
If water resources are depleted or water management is not properly done, it will affect individuals, countries and even the whole Globe.

Amazing hydrological cycle keeps recycling water and give us this wonderful required compound (Water) to survive.

Higher percentage of the human body is water. We all know we need water to survive.

But how have we treated this water - we took it for granted. Now, literally we are paying for it.
We are conducting wars for water.

We are interrupting hydrological cycle by
- affecting rain patterns
- deforestation
- depleting aquifers
- pollution

 Cutting trees, over usage of ground water with replenishing, industrial effluents, sewage waste, medicinal waste, agricultural run off, golf course run off, leaking under ground storage tanks, leaching from industrial run off, landfill leaching and runoff (to name some) are affecting water bodies and quality of the water. Even though new type of contaminants enter the water, water treatment has not changed accordingly in  most places.  
Water treatment must be tailored according to the situation rather than following the same methods everywhere.Simple substances such as banana peel, burned coconut shells and neem leaves can be used in treating water especially in poor areas where they could not afford high quality treatments.
Water Treatment

 Precious liquid water must be conserved and protected or else future generations will be affected.
Was very happy to see a scientist who is conserving water.

I am fascinated towards Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Ponds, Streams and Oceans.

These are some of  the reasons that took me to enter the world of Water Research.
I taught Water related courses in India and in United States.

I was lucky to conduct water research on Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Chesapeake Bay always amazed me.
 Beautiful Chesapeake Area

I have been part in deflecting a serious threat to our oceans by sending letters to Administration officials

 to protect our oceans all over the World.

I have been involved in collaborating scientists to do water research and promote the value of water and water bodies.

We have taken steps to conserve water at EA FARMS.

Water Recharging Pit @ EA FARMS

I request you to please Conserve water.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Save Farmers

I never thought I would write a blog article with a title Save Farmers. Every human at least for now depend on Food for survival. The way it is going, one day we would be living just on Pills. Until then we should respect and support farmers who work in the dirt to produce our food. Every health article talks about fruits, vegetables and grains. These food items does not come magically. It is the hard work that is being put in by the farmers with the help of the nature. Yes they need natures's help such as rainfall. When the rain Gods ditch them they undergo severe hardships that they could not withstand. Some of them in Tamil Nadu commit suicide, which gives us heavy heartache.  Now they are protesting in Delhi. As always I support them. I kindly request the government to work on this immediately and provide support as soon as possible.
Those who are protesting and fasting are not Rich,
They are the farmers who give us Food on the table by working hard. Because of their work we eat wonderful Rice, tasty and healthy vegetables, greens, grains and fruits. They work hard in Sun without proper covering, clothing in the dirt and uncovered feet in wet paddy fields among snakes and other animals. It is not easy. Comparing to sitting and typing in a AC room with a state of art computer (what I am doing right now) it is very very tough to do farming activities.. 
We understood this when we tried traditional farm work at EA FARMS:
However I am glad that I support them, pray for them and write for them.. They are not asking government's help to become rich. Even if they receive support they are not going buy lavish things, they are going to invest in their agriculture land to produce more food. For living healthy we need good Food along with other elements.
If they receive normal monsoon rains, they would not even come to this state. That's the reason I always pray for normal Rain all over the Globe. But as nature's rule, droughts cannot be avoided. But we need to take necessary steps to counter the drought. We should curtain air pollution that contributes to climate change. We need to use renewable resources.
Water management is very important. When there is heavy rain, it needs to be conserved. There are ideas to merge Rivers. Rain water harvesting should be done everywhere. Swales need to be created in the farm to recharge ground water.
A Swale at EA FARMS

Water should be used as if we are in drought even when there is ample water. We have to conserve soil, rivers, mountains and forests (whole environment). Future technologies such as Graphene Sieves should be embarrassed soon to provide water in severe drought conditions.
Farmers including poor farmers should jump into Sustainable Natural Integrated Farming.

Growing cattle for Dairy Products and manure

They should do multi layer crops instead of single crop.

Families need to buy produce from them. Youngsters and every citizen should support them.Then they will not face this situation.
Government, politicians and officials should support farmers and farming activities.
With Farmers at EA FARMS

They should stop activities and projects that affect agriculture.

Our Deiva Pulavar Thiruvalluvar said this long back and it is for a reason;

உழுதுண்டு வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்மற் றெல்லாம் 
தொழுதுண்டு பின்செல் பவர்

Simple explanation - Farmers life is the best and other follow them for the food.

So it is very important to save the life of a farmer. We need to support every farmer in the Globe, because they give us the ingredients of tasty food on our table. Praying to God to Save Farmers.