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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Birds’ Spot

The Birds’ Spot

                I survey the quaint, calm landscape of my backyard,

With my eyes shining full of jubilance.

I stop and look at a cozy area,

 somehow more intriguing than the rest.

Why not investigate? I curiously thought.

My ponderings swirled in and around my mind.

Then, quickly and suddenly!

An idea struck the spot!

It’s almost too good to be true, but

The area’s perfect for a dear family of birds.

They chirp all day long joyfully, uttering their carefree comments,

As if nothing else mattered in the world.

The soft, lush grass,

And the crunchy vegetation would be the floor.

The broad, emerald leaves of the majestic oak,

Intertwined with gossamer threads of spider silk,

Is surely the canopy.

Here comes the parasite chandelier,

Looking exactly like an old man’s beard.

Now here’s the main part!

The unique and glorious birdfeeder, along with a rustic birdbath,

Take up the oasis in hardworking life.

Mouthwatering grain and refreshing, luscious water,

Is probably a good meal or snack.

Oh, how soothing it must be!

Set against a backdrop of sun and trees.

It’s a birds’ dining room, fit for royalty!

I shove out all the other needless thoughts,

They won’t spoil or ruin my mood.

    Even though my imaginative idea is too good to be true.    

                        ---- by AK (Poem by my 4th grade daughter)

( We Love Birds in our Backyard )

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