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Friday, December 26, 2014

Everglades Alligator Importance

Protecting the Everglades:
Beautiful Everglades - Coot Bay
Question and Answer written by a 5th grader - Sharing her view on Importance of Alligator for survival of Everglades
Question – What would happen if there were no alligators left in the Everglades?

Snap! Snap! In the one and only Florida Everglades, the sharp sound of an alligator rapidly snapping up its caught prey, is relatively common. One is left to think of what would happen if the beautifully wild everglades lost all of its plentiful reptilian alligators. The answer to that question may just be determinable.

First of all, without alligators, many vital habitats would not even exist. They create deep depressions that eventually fill to the brim with a mixture of salt and freshwater to form brackish water. The holes become residences for marine life such as young bonefish and shrimp. Also, there are abundant aquatic animals that are attracted to these holes during the dry season, which lasts from December to April. The depressions provide refuge for them when the winter becomes frigid and extremely dry. Additionally, endangered species use the alligator’s valuable holes to lay their eggs. More of the species can then survive in the Everglades. Without alligators, these species would be in severe danger of extinction.

Secondly, without alligators, the food chain would be out of balance. Say that a type of fish eats grasses and algae in a mangrove swamp.  Then an American alligator eats the fish. This is a quick example of the food web. Without the alligators as the predators of the fish, the fish would become over populated. Alligators are essential to the national park for the reason of regulating the steady flow of petite food consumers such as fish, turtles, small –scale birds, and reptiles. The circle of life requires all plants and animals to be in order, and without alligators, we would have too much of one thing and too little of another. The Everglades is in dire need of the alligator’s predatory services in its ecosystem. 

Finally the American alligator is considered a cornerstone species in the national park. Without the reptiles, the diverse ecosystem could not survive. The Everglades would just be an ordinary plot of land. The nesting of alligators is necessary for peat formation. Without peat, many animals and especially plants would not exist in the park. Also, alligator holes fill with brackish waters I(that was mentioned in my essay before) which produce crucial areas for vegetation to grow. If alligators completely diminish, the Everglades would lose it uniqueness.

As you can see, alligators are probably one of the most precious animals for this natural park. Habitats, food chains and the formation of the Everglades depend on this one species. If the Everglades lost of all of its alligators, it wouldn’t exist, but thankfully, there are still a lot of them left!

Her poem about Bird's spot while on 4th grade.

Apart from alligator importance,

It is  incomprehensible to read about killings of fellow human beings all over the World.
Praying and hoping for positive, peaceful and prosperous 2015 -
Happy New Year.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Teach In Bio Domes

For third year in a row I was Honorary Teacher for a day.

I love to teach and train students. I have been teaching and training students at Graduate level in Environmental and Information Technology fields. However when I teach to elementary school kids, I prepare more, get them involved and I feel that I am giving some input for these Kids future.

Teach In - November 2012

Teach In - November 2013

I had been talking about pollution topics in previous years. This year I choose Bio Dome topic and was well received by the fifth graders. I told them in future, humans may live in sustainable bio domes, because of the higher level of pollutants in the environment, which also can be a self sustained sustainable living environment.
An imagined  Bio Dome 

They got involved immediately and asked lots of very intelligent questions. Each one them designed their own bio dome,
More Bio Dome Satellite Designs

It is all about Nature and Technology

         I witnessed so many different ideas and designs. I used a cookie and asked them to sketch the topography looking sideways and asked them to imagine it as a celestial body and choose a place where they would land their bio dome satellite. They interestingly choose their landing spots. I talked about the recent Philae comet landing and they were totally involved and discussed how their bio dome satellites would land. Finally I showed them how the satellite would collect the samples and analyze the composition of the site where it landed. In this case I told them cookies contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda - added some extra raw baking soda) and when acetic acid (vinegar) is added fizzing reaction takes place. Similarly by using chemical reactions and other techniques we can find the composition of the celestial body. Questions never ended. I told them to write the questions on a paper and send it to me. They did and these questions were well thought. I gave them the best answers. Various environmental Biomes in a bio dome can be modeled and researched. Even though these kids are just fifth graders, they showed that they have lot of potential. I wish and pray they shine in the future and contribute to the society positively. Some day they may even fly their own bio dome satellites into other celestial bodies.
Desire to Discover

In future people may even live in self sustained Bio Domes instead of concrete houses. Imagine if you can have the handle over what you breathe, what you eat (grow by yourself) - basically control your living environment, that would be best way to live in future.

Once again I felt very satisfied when I received the thank you card.

Wherever you are, if you have knowledge in good topics, teach them to future generations. You can be really proud, get the satisfaction and bring a meaning to your life, that why you are here.

Some of the bio domes may be studied at EA Farms in future:

During the past Halloween, I was a wizard and spelled out a charm:

Protego Maxima. Fianto Duri. Repello Inimicum for Earth - 

conjures up an almost impregnable magical protection barrier for Mother Earth. Fellow Earth inhabitants let us all be positive, do good and be safe.

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yes on 1 Florida - The Water and Land Conservation Amendment

Every time you visit a national park or even a national preserve, you have think of the greats such as John Muir, President Roosevelt and many other visionaries who had saved these lands for us.
Every inch of these lands is beauty to watch. When you enter them, it is pristine, you breath the fresh air and have fun in the nature.
I can't even think of disturbing these saved land.
Now in Florida to save these Lands and Water - we have to vote Yes on 1 - The Water and Land Conservation Amendment.

 Voting Yes on this Amendment 1 will give us opportunity to enjoy these preserved lands and water bodies. We should preserve these lands for the future generations to benefit, as we did.
If we don't the future generations would have to see these lands only in pictures.

I have traveled to different countries and as the years go by, there are only concrete jungles. Green forests, lands and water bodies are degraded everywhere. When you step out, you breathe dust and soot from the vehicle exhausts and have to drink contaminated water. So it is important to save these remaining lands and water bodies.

Think of these environments -
A beautiful serene view of Lake Russell, FL 

    Pristine lands with trees, plants, serene rivers, lakes, stream, birds, butterflies, animals and fresh air to breath and

    Sterile lands with concrete buildings, polluted water bodies, depleting aquifers and particulates to breath

Which one you would choose from the above to live in. I would go with the first one.

I will also work on the second one as an Environmental Scientist to slowly make it as the first one. However, just to restore the native plants, it would take 40 years or more.

It is very difficult to restore the environment after damage, since the natural process takes so long. I researched on Chesapeake Bay environmental issues and after more than 18 years felt happy knowing that it is getting better. All those efforts of restoration have been fruitful.

Vote Yes on 1 - The Water and Land Conservation Amendment - more info

So apart from party boundaries, let us all vote Yes on 1 - The Water and Land Conservation Amendment ( Note - without any additional tax burden ) in the coming Florida November 4th election to save these these precious Waters and Land, which will save all its inhabitants and more.

The Good Result and the best news for future generations:

Makesh Karuppiah, Ph.D
Environmental Scientist

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happiness Peace and Better World

Every time I visit Disney world I feel rejuvenated.
I see all kinds of diversified people -
little kids,
old people,
young couples,
people from different countries speaking different languages,
people from different religion and you can add so many and any diversification category and you can come across it there.
Only one thing is common there - Happiness. That's what world needs now.
Mr. Walt Disney was a man with a vision and had unlimited passion to build it.

Disney and his team prototyped the models into real thing.
Mickey Mouse Water tank

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (EPCOT) was also prototyped and it looks great in EPCOT.
EPCOT - Prototype


Magic Kingdom - Castle - Prototype
Real - Castle
Animal Kingdom - Tree of Life Prototype

Real - Tree of Life

He worked hard to give life to his dream and imagination.

Whatever he did, it is a heaven in the Mother Earth.
Little to older people enjoy it. I have seen the happiness on every one of them, every time I visit Disney Theme Parks.

At the same time I think about the people in war zones. I cry and pray to God that soon these wars should be over and people and children should live peacefully. Every day, every one, everywhere should be as if they were in Disney world - Enjoying life happily.

My dream and prototype - EA Farms - Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development

We are building slowly, but steadily. With hard work and dedication we will also achieve it.

Also wanted to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhiji once again on his birthday - October 2nd, by praying to God to send more people such as him to Earth again.

However, God took a great Gandhian Dr. N. Mahalingam from Pollachi with him on Oct 2nd, 2014.

Dr. Mahalingam has created so many educational institutes in and around Pollachi. I am proud to be a student from one of his institutions. He was also very instrumental in creating valga valamudan in Aliyar area. May his soul rest in peace.

Let us follow their footsteps to make better Planet.

It was also World Animal Day on October 4th. Some of the animals are getting affected by the warm temperature and climate change:
Barn Owl

Let us work towards saving these animals.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Spread the love, peace, knowledge and educate others

Dear fellow human beings - instead of fighting, spread the love. That's what God wants and all religion heads have preached.

I saw this recently - Be kind to all creatures, great and small - Good words and I think the picture should include humans also.
Good words at a butterfly Garden in Key West

After progressing so much, in this era of 21st century, we humans are still fighting.

Something is not right.

Enjoy what nature has to offer. Every part of the world is beautiful in its own way. So many species are even found in desert environment. Life can thrive anywhere.

A Beautiful sunset - Photo by RG

Spread the right knowledge and love, peace will be there. 

Greed has to be stopped for building a better world. Greed on land, money and abusive power has to be stopped. Praying to all Gods to stop all negativeness on mother Earth, wars, fights and bring the positiveness such as peace, prosperity, love and good environment. Humans already face deadly viruses such as Ebola, flesh eating bacteria etc, along with all these destruction, why you need human made infliction on every positive aspects. 

In your average lifespan years, please do something good. It will be spoken even after your life.
Read about good people, their life, writings and follow their guidance. You will feel the peace and will get a prosperous life.

Dear youth of the world, please follow the good leaders, become such leaders and make better world for you, your family, the world and the future.  Never follow the evil ones, which will make your life, your family and the world dreadful.

Our hard work and focus has turned a barren looking land - See before and after picture.

Before and After - Hard work by KC & Team

Wherever you are do good, educate others, love the nature and make the world prosperous.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lakes, Lakes Appreciation Month and Research Paper

Lakes are very important water bodies which are important part of hydrological cycle.
They provide water, food, recreation, act as an energy source and are very aesthetic to any area.
Most of the lakes are going dry, are filled up and non strong high rise buildings are being build in them.
Lakes stabilize flooding and when they are gone, heavy damage is done to the area.

So during this lake appreciation month, let us appreciate our lakes and protect them. 


Always I am into every Environmental Research opportunity I get and jump into positive environmental activities. 
It is great to see our paper related to lake research was published during the  Lake Appreciation Month - July, 2014.

Wherever you are, just appreciate the lakes around you and Enjoy the beauty.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eco-Justice for Whales, Animals and Eradicate War, Racism from the face of Mother Earth

It is very hard to comprehend that 30 whales had been hunted this year, especially if you follow and practice eco-justice.
Over the years I have been successful with help of my team, in creating eco-friendly land systems, sustainable agricultural lands and eco-friendly backyards.

Wonderful to see - Birds sharing food 

We feel ultimate happiness when we see a small bird feeding from our backyard and hence it is very hard to read that whales, tigers, rhinos and other wild animals are hunted just for the wrong reasons.

Beautiful and Huge Whales - wonderful to watch 
(I could not even believe humans killing 30 of them).

Majestic Rhinos

Most of my life I was non-vegetarian and it took a while for me to understand the environment, ecosystems and religious systems to become a vegetarian. If I can change that way, I hope and pray that others can change or at least move towards the change (From 30 whales to 0 whales hunting, It would be great).

A beautiful young soft Chicken
(How could people boil hundreds of them alive?)

If I could not comprehend whale killing, how can I comprehend human killing by means of war. I cannot believe, even in the 21st century we are having so many wars and did not learn a thing from the past. My dear brothers and sisters from all over Globe, please learn from the past and live together peacefully. There are so many positive things to do on this great Mother Earth. Kick the negativeness out and move forward.

Also I was surprised to see that racism exists in twenty first century. Again I could not comprehend that we still need boards to display 'say no to racism' in football (soccer) world cup matches.

We all know the outer color is due to the environment we (and previous generations) are (were) exposed to and the inner blood color is the same. I hope and pray racism gets eradicated soon from Mother Earth. We all should focus on tolerating each other, live peacefully, harmoniously, follow eco-justice for animals and elevate the nature of human kind.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wherever you are, do whatever good you can, with whatever you have

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
          -- by Great President Theodore Roosevelt

President Roosevelt, was a key person, involved in saving several National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.
Last weekend, I  had the privilege to visit the America's first wildlife refuge that was created in 1903 - Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge to save wildlife.
Pelican Island 

American White Pelican in Pelican Island wildlife refuge

Birds are important part of environment and play an important role in many ways.
National Parks and Wildlife Refuges are very important for these birds to survive.
Some of the birds in this refuge
Ibis group in the Tree
Grey Heron
 Osprey with fish
 Red Winged

Leaders should follow his footsteps to preserve the remaining forests and wildlife areas for the betterment of environment.

If we follow President Roosevelt and do what you can, with what you have and where you are (Good and Positive deeds) at least something (good) will happen. For example:

Couple of years ago we had this free cherry tree from a tree giveaway program. We planted this tree in our backyard.
Free Cherry Plum Tree Sapling

This year it gave us wonderful cherry plum fruits.

It also added aesthetics to our backyard and helped bringing in wonderful songs birds to our backyard.

I am also proud that the people I trained have gotten into real world jobs. Hope they help others to get the jobs as they did.

I had followed President's words by creating beautiful environment for the birds in my own backyard and trained people in Information Technology to get real time jobs.

So wherever you are -  Do whatever good you can, with what you have and where you are, it is going to create a wonderful society.