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Monday, December 31, 2012

Environmental Research - A Look Back - On Positive Note

A look back at my Environmental Research:
From my childhood, I was interested in Nature and Environment. We have planted numerous trees in schools. 
What we planted as small saplings have grown into beautiful trees: 

Science was my subject.
When I learned about Limnology and used Secchi disc during my undergraduate degree, I decided to become an Environmental Scientist. 
Beautiful Water Body from where I studied Limnology

I joined Master’s degree and focused towards Environmental Chemistry. My research was - Color removal from pulp and paper mill effluent.

Then got admitted to another Masters and focused towards Environmental Physiology. I got chance to work with plants, bioindicators, bioremediators, fishes and scary scorpions. 
Stem affected by Copper

During these periods, got very good friends, enjoyed my studies and had a good passion for Environment. My research was using a plant as bio-indicator and that inclined towards metal remediation using plants. 

Finally got into PhD program - Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences. Environmental Sciences, Toxicology, Statistics, Microbiology and Biochemistry were my five majors. Passed my tough written, oral exams and I concentrated on my research - Toxicity of two Chesapeake Bay Tributaries. I loved the research. I liked to go into the field for collecting sediments in a small boat that was easily transported in a car. 

The tributaries were scenic beauties and after tough work, samples were collected and transported to lab. By that time, I had become an expert in sample analyses, toxicity identification evaluation, environmental instrumentation and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. 

After the samples were analyzed for the data, I predicted one of the tributary ( Pocomoke River ) which had flow of nutrients and influent from Sewage water treatment is more toxic. This was before the massive fish kills that occurred in Pocomoke River, MD.  Several people participated in my dissertation defense and I was proud of it. Results were published in refereed  environmental scientific research journals. One of the best paper was :
 1996 Oct;35(1):81-5.

Impact of point and nonpoint source pollution on pore waters of two Chesapeake Bay tributaries.

Karuppiah M, Gupta G.

 I graduated as an Environmental Scientist with very keen interest in doing something for Environment.
I also ended up in Computer Sciences Master’s program, graduated from it and found a well-paid career in the new field. My passion was in Environmental Science. Even in MS computer science my thesis was related to Environmental Science and it was on Fuzzy Logic in an Universally Acceptable Pollution model. With help of my degrees in Environmental Sciences and Computer Sciences, we created a company called EnviroApps - Enviro - for Environment and Apps - for Information Technology Applications. My quest for Environmental Research and love for nature never stopped. I still grab every small opportunity to involve in Environmental activities, teaching and creating awareness.  With my interest in Environmental Sciences, we created our own environmental projects  at - EA FARMS

Cattle from EA FARMS - We produce organic feed to feed our cattle for good milk.

One of my passion is to teach Environmental Sciences - from kids to Graduate students. 

Recently with my great friend Dr. Hatha, I am  involved in some important Environmental Research such as:

Halophilic heavy metal tolerant bacteria from Vembanad Lake as possible means of bioremediation of lead and cadmium.

Antibiotic resistance of heterotrophic bacteria from natural and culture environments of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de man, 1887).

So many ways are available for mankind to work and move positively. Let us move forward positively in year 2013. From my side, environmental projects will move ahead and move forward positively. Happy New Year to All.

Makesh Karuppiah, Ph.D
Environmental Scientist

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


When evil takes over, it is hell that is displayed on the fragile EARTH and every HEART is broken.
When bright little flowers were destroyed by evil force, all we could do was to cry and pray.

Hearts are broken and when strong leaders are shedding tears, something is not right here.

If the problem is dug down deeply and logically thought, many truths come out.

Human body functions properly, by the way of proper food and other intakes such as water and air. As we all know every vital organ is formed from a single cell. When the pregnant mother consumes proper food the cells develop healthily and vital organs including brain of the fetus forms healthily and an angelically looking new healthy child is born.
Beautiful and simple wiring of Brain.
Why to short circuit with unwanted chemicals?

As a Toxicologist and Scientist, I can surely say that if a pregnant mother consumes unhealthy chemicals such as alcohol, disturbing chemical drugs and inhaling carcinogenic chemicals by smoking, it is going to affect the fetus. Organ growth including Brain abnormalities are sure to happen. The child without its knowledge or willingness becomes a victim of this chemical abuse. The child could develop strong brain disorders along with other problems. So it is very important for pregnant moms, not to drink alcohol, intake unwanted drugs and smoke.

Instead they should take proper foods such as folic acids and necessary good foods for the child to develop properly.

These fetuses that develop on the wombs of alcoholic mothers will have many disorders along with brain disorder. They may have mental disorders. Alcoholic consumption not only affects the child, it also affects the mother and puts the family into stress. Families are torn apart and people involved are stressed in the mind, even though they have all other resources including wealth. Important aspect of humans on EARTH - LOVE goes missing in this already stressed child. Father does not live with mother, siblings do not talk to each other, love goes missing - minds become confused and alienate GOOD altogether.

Disturbed minds are disturbed further as they grow.

To aid the evil in EARTH, several things are available very easily.


 Just do a Google search on them; you can find so many of these violent video games available. As a computer technologist, I see the growth of technology and it is so good there is no difference between virtual and reality. Games have guns and weapons that are as similar as the real ones. With these games you do not need to go to a real gun range to target practice, it is readily available in your computer desks and even in tablets.

VIOLENT MOVIES - is there any recent movie with full of love and fun that a family could sit and watch together. I don’t think so.

Foul language mouthed people with violent actions and shooting scenes are the major parts and scenes of the movies. Violent movie plots are going to unprecedented and non thinkable destructive scenes. When a disturbed mind human without any love from the family and with a solid experience in violent video games sees these violent movies – it becomes a very favorable condition for evil to take over his life.

When this disturbed individual gets hands on training and access to weapons –

HELL is experienced in the fragile EARTH.

Our Hearts are broken.

We have been taught many times to live in harmony and peace. Peaceful humans and leaders taught the world how to live peacefully. But even after centuries of their sacrifices humans kill humans. Alcohol, Violent Video games and Violent Movies change a person without love into a monster and create a havoc that turns the EARTH into HELL.

Greed takes us to cross our limits to sell anything, even to disturbed minds without any boundaries and it comes back to haunt us.

Everyone should eat good food, inhale proper air, and drink proper water to keep the  body, mind and soul – clean and good. SIX TASTES OF FOOD - eating should be done as one would do meditation. Food should be chewed and eaten which makes it easily digestable. When you eat properly it aides in healing. Stop when stomach says you to stop (by means of burbs). Simple steps of eating makes you feel good. Proper food and eating methods aid in healing body and mind.

There are so many positive ways to stop this violence. There are so many positive people in the EARTH and they are more than willing to help.

Everyone should work as a team to eradicate this evil from our beloved EARTH.

Prayers for young and wonderful victims with full of tears. Praying that they shine as bright stars in the sky as they did here on EARTH.

Devils in Delhi

Few devils joined in a Delhi bus for joyride, drank alcohol and created brutal havoc in a young lady's life.
I pray strongly for the lady to get well.

Alcohol sales are at record levels in India and I am really worried. Alcohol and drugs turn humans into monsters.
When I was a teenager I heard a story from a movie:
An evil came with a young lady, a very small child and an alcohol bottle to man and said you have to commit one crime.
You can choose any one of these:
rape this lady or kill this child or drink this alcohol.
The man thought alcohol was the better choice, because it would hurt only him and not others.
But as soon as he drank, he was out of his mind and raped the lady and killed the interfering crying child. He committed all the crimes because of alcohol. Small but powerful story that demostrated the evil of alcohol.

This is why, Great Gandhiji told not to drink. Good that states like Gujarat, where he was born, is still following that. Young resources are wasted by this evil. This evil - 'Alcohol' makes Destructive evils - 'Devils', as we witnessed in Delhi.

Praying for more positives.

Just read that the Victim passed away.   Feeling very sad and praying. Tears, Tears & Tears. She is with God now. The devils that did this should ROT in HELL.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peanuts-Groundnuts-Giving Healthy Food

During this week, I received a wonderful email from my beloved brother:

We are harvesting the Peanuts (ground nuts) already at EAFARMS. The harvest is not bad this time.
I already went to Anamalai Gandhi Ashramam -  today and gave them 10 kilos of the produce (Peanuts).

This is what I dreamt of when we started EAFARMS.Thanks to my brother we have achieved this and we will move forward.

In Anamalai Gandhi Ashramam, at any given point in time, there are about 50 to 60 children between the age group of 4 to 13 years. These children either don’t have the support of their parents or they are orphans by birth. People at Anamalai Gandhi Ashramam are doing an excellent good deed.

We are happy that from EA FARMS, where we practice Natural Sustainable Agriculture, we could give Organically grown peanuts to these kids at the Ashram.

Peanuts(ground nuts) are rich in energy and contain many health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for good health.

Peanuts are filled with B-complex and niacin, which contributes to good blood flow to brain. Hence it is useful for learning kids.
Peanuts have been used to eradicate malnutrition from poor health countries (cost effectively) - Plumpy'nut.
They are also rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acids, which are good for heart and with good source of dietary protein (amino acids) they are good for healthy development.
Some of their ingredients are considered as anti-carcinogenic and play an important role against many diseases. Since fresh peanuts were given, it is very easy to boil them and boiling increases its health benefits.

So to provide 10 Kg of Organically grown healthy peanuts to these kids is a very good small but strong step we have taken towards achieving our dreams. Every day we should think - what can I give and  do it in action. That will provide the best satisfaction.