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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alcoholism, Alcohol Consumption on Rise, Human Resources going waste

BRAIN, LIVER, STOMACH, HEART, KIDNEY and almost all organs are affected by alcohol.

CANCER, High blood pressure, several deficiencies and diseases are caused by alcohol.

As an Environmental Toxicologist I studied about the damages that alcohol can do to the human body.

So many articles on effects of alcohol and alcoholism are available in internet.

Even though these many dangers exist - young people tend to drink more and more alcohol.

Again due to the greediness of people , young people's life are put into danger.

This year's alcohol sale in TamilNadu reached 13 crore Rs.

Kerala also has equal amount of sales. Where is the youth going towards?

During my last visit to Tamilnadu and Kerala, I saw so many people flocking towards the liquor stores.

Whole society is turning bad, we are losing youth to alcohol monster and it is going to haunt us for long.

Human resources are going waste because of the alcohol consumption.

Hoping and praying to God that youngsters will take a new year resolution to quit consuming the monster - Alcohol.

Happy new year - 2011

1 comment:

RG said...

Healthy and thoughtful article. Youth has to think about their life before consuming alcohol. They are putting their life in jeopardy. So please think about it. Because it is a chronic killer!!!