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Saturday, June 25, 2011

International Anti Drug Day

Praying to God for - 'A drug free world' -

June 26 - International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

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Each day human lives and human resources are lost due to illicit Drugs (including alcohol). So many innocent lives are lost either by fighting for it or by using it.

We are doing our part by educating people against illicit drugs and creating a better environment. Praying to God for - ILLICIT Drug Free World.

Save your friends...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ganges Pollution and Swamiji's Death by Fasting, Praying to God for Peace

Swami Nigamananda fasted and died for the cause of saving Ganga from Pollution.

Praying for his soul to rest in peace and his wish to come true.
Everyone should work towards getting Ganges Clean.
Polluted environments can spring back to normal if proper actions are taken and followed (One such action).

Ganges River Pollution

Also saw videos from war atrocities that had happened recently.
Saving environment topics are nothing when considering these abuses against humans.
Only God has to give a solution for these happenings.
Let us pray for peace all around the globe.
We will be doing whatever we can do that is to work towards good environment and motivate others to do.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fire from cell phone component industry in Tamilnadu – Environmental Effects - Air Pollution

No one was injured from the industrial fire – that is good news. However the fire burnt inflammable paints, other chemicals and sent smokes all over. This should have caused some damage to the air quality. Lots of people are living around that area and lots of agricultural lands are there near that area (Recently visited that place). Severe Environmental Damage would occur due to this. Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board should assess this damage.

News about the Fire

People from Finland were worried about the job loss when Perlos moved the jobs to a developing country.

Perlos Job loss in Finland

However it is only jobs they lost, Think about the Environmental Damage this fire has caused. The Environmental hazard that has happened to Environment and air quality of Tamilnadu is more damaging than just losing few jobs. This area is an agricultural area and this would not only damage crops but also affect the health of the people. Hazardous air pollutants will be inhaled by people living in those areas. Only years of real scientific study will identify the real damage.

Read my earlier blog about conversation between me and a graduate student about fine line between environment and economic importance:
Environment and Economics

Even though Finland was worried about Perlos Job loss, people are safe and have better environment, where as People of Tamilnadu might have got some blue collar jobs (Not the white collar jobs - may be few) from this industry being moved here, but face severe Environmental damage including Health effects from this chemical fire.

Finland Environment is getting better
Finland Emissions. SOx, NOx, NMVOC, CO, PM - all air pollutants reduced over the years. As an Environmental Scientist, I bet 100% that all these chemicals must have increased at damaging levels in the atmosphere because of this fire. Even though it is an accident, what emergency remediation action plan we have? or what rules India have regarding this (Environmental Pollution)? or who will be responsible for clean up and health problems from this industrial fire?

We still did not learn from Bhopal tragedy!. Our Politicians have other priorities – Bringing more and more such industries without proper Environmental planning or litigation.


Industries Flocking into Tamilnadu

We should be happy and thank God, that there was no mortality in this industrial fire. However, we should wake up now (this is just a warning alarm) and create Proper Environmental Litigation and Environmental Responsibility by these industries.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Environmental Conservation in Action

There is no denying that one enjoys when present in green surroundings, pristine and clean environment. Viewing green mountains, water falls, streams, creeks, chirping birds, majestic animals and wonderful environment make you feel better. Recently, I visited Great Smoky Mountains and enjoyed the great environment when I was there. As an environmental scientist, I felt great to be in Great Smoky Mountains. Everyone I saw there (different and variety of people) had one thing in common, happiness. They were happy when doing variety of activities such as diving, swimming, hiking, walking and camping.

Pictures from Great Smoky Mountains:
Logging Photos Link

Before and After Logging Pictures Link

All these happiness in a green environment was possible due to people who thought about it and conserved this place. Only few years back the trees were cut and almost made the mountains bald. Due to the conservation effort by great leaders and people who thought of future, the greenery and environment of these Great Smoky Mountains have been saved. It has become an important International Biosphere Reserve. Now let us do our part to save such remaining great environments for our future generations.

World Environment Day - WED - June 5th

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