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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Environmental Conservation in Action

There is no denying that one enjoys when present in green surroundings, pristine and clean environment. Viewing green mountains, water falls, streams, creeks, chirping birds, majestic animals and wonderful environment make you feel better. Recently, I visited Great Smoky Mountains and enjoyed the great environment when I was there. As an environmental scientist, I felt great to be in Great Smoky Mountains. Everyone I saw there (different and variety of people) had one thing in common, happiness. They were happy when doing variety of activities such as diving, swimming, hiking, walking and camping.

Pictures from Great Smoky Mountains:
Logging Photos Link

Before and After Logging Pictures Link

All these happiness in a green environment was possible due to people who thought about it and conserved this place. Only few years back the trees were cut and almost made the mountains bald. Due to the conservation effort by great leaders and people who thought of future, the greenery and environment of these Great Smoky Mountains have been saved. It has become an important International Biosphere Reserve. Now let us do our part to save such remaining great environments for our future generations.

World Environment Day - WED - June 5th

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