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Sunday, December 4, 2011

EnviroApps 100th Blogpost, Environmental Awareness, Doing Good and Moving Forward

This is EnviroApps's 100th blog.

We are as focussed as we began.

Our Environmental and Information Technology Projects are moving forward steadily.

I wish we can fast forward, but as with Nature we have to move slowly.

I am waiting for our trees and plants to grow. I am waiting for our Information Technology trainees to grow also.

I am sure our trainees will pratice sustainability in future and do good.



Thanks to GOD and Prayers, I could make a network of good people join together and work for good cause.

My first blog:

During my blogging, I had written about so many negative things that are happening and little positive things.

Greedy politicians, environmental abusers and selfish cheaters have contributed to negative writing in my blogs.

However one day, I wish and want to write more positive things. We will be doing positive things and move forward.

Real truth of life is Nothing is permanent.

Everything always changes. One day you can be rich, powerful and rule the country.
Next day you could go into rags and even die in a ditch as we witness these things now.

So it is what you do good that counts most, that too when you are rich and powerful. Think of contributing and feel the benefits of contributing.

What we do regarding this - We are experts in Environmental and Information Technology fields. So we train people in these fields in whatever way we can. When we train people and they get good jobs and succeed, we ask them to spread their contributions towards doing good to others.

Contributing is not limited to money. Knowledge can be contributed too. Whatever good thing you learnt can be taught to fellow human beings. Then we become a good society.

If people were not too much greedy, we would all have gone in right path.

In this 21st century we still have so many negatives:

We are still having wars.
Leaders and Godmen have shown us even before several years to be peaceful. But people did not learn that yet. Still fighting in this 21st century. How many wars are still going on this earth even in this 21st century?

What we do regarding this - Only pray to God to change the earth into peaceful place.

We are polluting earth more rapidly.
Green house effect (for that matter any pollution) is still a joke for somepeople. Ice cap melting is seen clearly and people do not take that seriously. Climates are affected for sure. Deforestation and species eradication is taking place in alarming rate. Dreadful diseases are threatening us. Chemical contamination is not only in the environment, but
is in whatever food we eat. Food adulteration have become very common.

What we do regarding this - Trying to live more sustainable ways.
Creating sustainable lands with organic farming.
Creating environmental awareness.

People are still discriminating people based on color, race, castes and gender.
Everyday we read these type of news everywhere even if it is a developed or under developed nation.

What we do regarding this - Only pray to God to change the earth be without discrimation. We follow acivities against discrimination and caste system wherever we are involved.

People are greedily making money even though we know we are damaging others. So many greedy people get elected as rule makers. Instead of taking their countries forward they take them backward. They wanted to save money for their kith and kin instead of helping the country to move forward. So many leaders in the past have lived for improving the country. Some how these corrupt minded politicians got into power and had only one motive - Corrupt money making. In these countries, when these rulers live a King's life, so many poor people live without job, shelter and proper meals. Greedies have taken their greediness even to the medicines. There are so many fake medicines available and some greedy creatures have taken it
so far to relabel medicines with future expiration labels after it expired and sell that to cure the diseased. How well will it cure?

What we do regarding this - We created a stability software system. If this was used by pharmaceutical companies and the batch number was noted down. Every medicine sold in market would be recorded. Drug Administration authorities can do a surprise audit in the drug store and confirm the expiry date with the manufacturer the exact expiry date for that batch no. of the medicine. If they find any foul activities, severe actions should be taken on these creatures.

Even after moving into 21st century why are we still having poverty and poor people. Think about it - we have more people getting educated more and more. But why are we still having poverty. At this computer age, we could work more efficiently to eradicate poverty and make earth more peaceful. All have to follow a simple thing - DO GOOD and MOVE FORWARD. Eliminate bad, even if you think it is a small bad deed.
It will take some time but when we practice it, it will come naturally to do Good.

Writing these blogs are very easy, however implementing or making some of the good things happen is really difficult.
When we move forward doing good things, we face so many hurdles in life. You will face Cheaters, Greedy Selfish creatures and so many bad evil things that will show up in your way. But without giving up, we move forward and achieve our goal by DOING GOOD THINGS AND MOVE FORWARD.

I was born in Tamilnadu and had good education there until M.Phil (Bharthiar University - Environmental Sciences specializing in Environmental Physiology). Moved to USA to pursue
Ph.D in Environmental Sciences. God gave me privilige to complete MS in Computer Science also. During this period I have travelled so many places and had vast experiences.
Acquired environmental knowledge from excellent people who were very knowledgable in these fields and want to do something for Environment.

Even after several decades of independence and great rulers with future vision, Tamilnadu state still have not lived up to its potential.
We have best institutions - IIT, Anna University, REC, several other universities and best schools in India. But what has improved in these years of independence.
We still have poverty, lots of pollution and environmental problems. For example - we have so many polluted areas where so many industries pollute the fertile resources.
Several part of the state are without trees. We dont care for our soil resources - river beds are dug for using soil for constructions and more and more buildings are built in agricultural areas.
We spoil our lands, forests, soils and marine environments, as much as we can. Foreign industries also flock over here. We did not learn even several years after Bhopal disaster. Proper Environmental laws and mitigation have to be designed, implemented and strictly followed. Escrow accounts should be maintained by the Government, funded by all these indutries for environmental benefits. These industries should show their environmental improvement plans, how they are going to implement them and what actions will they take in case of environmnental issues. I am certainly sure that these foreign indutries will do these things to save their environments in their country. So they should equally treat the country they are using to manufacture their products and getting the profit. These environmental benefits can be efficiently implemented with very little percentage of their profit.

We have best natural resources such as SOLAR and WIND. We have been utilizing wind (I personally feel we went overboard in putting up the so many windmills). But we need to tap on Solar energy.
Also in Tamilnadu, We always have been fascinated by the movie industry. We have been selecting movie people as our rulers for the most period after the independence. I am not against movie people coming
into politics, but all I am asking them is to do GOOD AND MOVE FORWARD if they end up as political winner.

These days I see more and more people flocking to TASMAC - irony is that their main office is in a road that has a name starting with Gandhi ( who stood against liquor - Still Prohibition is practiced in Gujarat - his birth state).
As an Environmental toxicologist, I am always against any
toxic substance affecting health. I am crying from my heart seeing our young resources flocking into these liquor stores. See how this bad and evil industry have flourished in front of us.
Already we live in extremely polluted Area (AIR, WATER, SOIL and FOOD). Along with that TASMAC products will do a symbiotic effect on these people's health. These people also smoke. How much one's heart, kidney and brain can take.
I need not say this, they themselves have said that in their website - - The topmost letters in the webpage in red letters - MADHU - NAATUKKU, VETTUKKU, UYIRUKKU KEDU = meaning - ALCOHOL - BAD FOR COUNTRY, HOUSE AND LIFE. Even the government is knowingly doing this evil thing for money.

Also if you notice the website is maintained very well. Do we have such websites maintained for positive things. I see still pictures of school children learning under trees and playing without shoes.

What we do - We have made awareness against evil alcohol killing our young resources at young age.
We grow all our food naturally and organically.
We will move forward on creating awareness against this evil as much as we can.

One day we will have peaceful earth with more positive approach. For that we will pray to God to give us more Good people on this earth. We will work towards our goal even if it is a very small good deed.
Hi people out there, come join us, share your thoughts and good deeds. Let us all move forward for achieving peaceful earth with more positive and sustainable approach.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

20 Years in US, EA Project,Thanks to Teachers, Friends & Family

Today had opportunity to sit in Washington DC Dulles airport and write this blog. Twenty years back I came to this same airport for the first time to enter into US for pursuing PhD in Environmental Sciences. Successfully completed that. Went forward and completed additional Masters in Computer Sciences. How have I used my education towards real time projects:

We started a project called EnviroApps Sustainable Land Development Project on Feb, 2007. Slowly, A land used for agriculture using chemical methods were changed to Natural methods. Last year we produced Organic Produce. Hopefully within few more years we will have beautiful environmental project in real world. Flowering plants, bees, trees, ecosystems, natural agriculture and so many other activities associated with environment - all in our EA FARM.

All these ideas came to me because of my great teachers (Drs - Gupta, Sankaran, Vasanth Kumar (Sad that they all passed away), Dr.SS, Dr. RavinderRaju, Dr. Rajkumar, Dr. Pattabhi, Dr. Palanivel, Dr. Rajaguru, Dr.Shanthi, Dr. Kalaiselvi, Dr. Subburam, Dr. LakshmanaPerumalsamy and long list of other teachers and school teachers...) friends (so many - the list will never end) and family (without them I could not have implemented what I had envisioned). Even though I had all the fun in the world during my undergrad degree years, my biology teachers have shaped me towards the environmental field. I had wonderful years during my Master's (MSc - PSG and MPhil - MPhil) - Environmental Sciences. During my PhD in US, I had great opportunity to work on Chesapeake Bay Environment. I thank God for giving all these opportunities and the great project we are currently implementing.
Collecting Sediment Samples
 Analyzing Sample
 Presenting Scientific Papers
Happy to Save the Bay
 Teaching Environmental Science to Grads

Also excited, that I will be writing my EnviroApps 100th blog soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, Environmental Issues, Alternate Solution

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project:

People are getting into more and more environmental awareness.
That is good.

Even a well developed country such as Japan, could not do anything about the recent nuclear power plant disaster during Tsunami.

Think about Chernobyl - Just do a google image search for Chernobyl pictures. Pictures can explain more than words:

Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Pictures

Already an area near to Kudankulam is called cancer capital:
Cancer Capital

So what is the solution - Government has already spent so much until now and we need electricity?

Solution - This area where the nuclear power plant has been built, has sunlight most of the year.
The government should spent some more money to turn Kudankulam nuclear power plant to Solar electricity generator.

Now we have technologies such as printing solar panels - NANOSOLAR and it costs less than coal electricity generation.

Advantages of solar - No Pollution or Radiation problems.

Solar power can be utilized all over the year.

Hopefully everyone can work together to make this safe energy producing plant.

Other Articles:

Environmental Justice

Economics Vs Environmental

Industries Flocking to Tamilnadu

Sustainable Growth

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD
Senior Environmental Scientist

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let us do something good, move forward and make good sustainable society

When you are jobless - You think you need a job.
Once you get a job - you need more money.
Once you get more money - you need more.
It never stops even when you get more than billions (At least for some politicians).
If rich people put few percentage of their money on the education of very poor children all over the Globe, Our World would be better place. Wars can be read only in history books. Once educated they should be properly channelized to do anything they are interested which would do good to the society.
At EnviroApps we are doing something in this regards.
We give one on one training on what we know to others and get them jobs. We teach people about Environment, Information Technology, how to lead good life and help others. It is more like teaching how to fish instead of giving a fish to eat. So whoever reads this do something good and teach whatever good things you know and whatever good things you are expert to others who are in need. That way a good society can be made. Sometimes when you venture to do good, you will face hurdles from selfish greedy cunning cheaters who put in nice face. Just ignore those creatures and move forward.
We also have a vision now and have formed a team to execute that. We are praying to God to show us the way and make it success.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Adulteration, Toxins, Unhealthy Future Generations

Recently I have been hearing about high amount of food adulteration.
Farmers are injecting Oxytocin directly in plants to increase the size of vegetables and in cows to increase milk production.
This indirectly enters the human system and cause untreatable effects such as hemorrhage, heart, blood pressure problems and brain damages.
This increased greed can affect health of future generation. Already alcohol intake is high among young people. Along with that, uncontrolled pollution (air and water) symbiotically affect the health. What is supposed to save people from these things - healthy food - is now tainted with these chemicals - Only God can save the future generation from these greedy creatures. These greedy creatures went ahead and labeled new expiry dates for already expired medicines.

I was so upset when I heard that they are adulterating goat droppings (which is used as fertilizers by farmers).
How low these creatures went.

I hope more people should stand against this (like they did with Anna Hazare) and government should vigourosly act against these crimes or else we will have a very very unhealthy future generations.
Hearing more and more people are sick and have dreadful diseases like cancers and are diabetic.

God - Please save us from this.

We are doing our part at EA FARMS - growing agricultural products using natural organic materials.

Here is our produce - completely organic and we are proud of it.
If we can do it anybody - any farmer and people with conscience can produce it.

Peanut (Groundnut):
Corn (Maize):

We have to eat food without chemicals. There should not be greed in making money over food and medicine.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let us Pray, Unnecessary Deaths, Innocent Victims, Peace for the World

Whenever unnecessary deaths occur in the world (including current mumbai deaths),
all we can do is pray for every victim and their families.

Just to make a small steel pin, several people have to put in hard work:

Mining workers should mine the iron (Scientist, Government authorities should work to find and approve mining).
Steel industries are needed to manufacture steel (Again several people are involved in this process also).
Using blunt steel wire, a pin is made through several steps where so many teams and team players are involved.

However a blast destroys so many valuable things that several humans (diversified people from various religion, social status) worked together to build or create
(including loss of most valuable human lives).

It has killed so many people - dads and brothers were lost. It might have killed the bread winner of the family. Those innocent families lost their happiness for the entire life.

If only the money spent for destruction purposes was spent for families that are starving in hunger by providing food, shelter and educating their children - it would have eradicated poverty in the entire globe and there will be more positives everywhere. Peace and harmony will be there in Mother Earth.

For now: Let us continue to pray to God for peace on earth and give good mind to all people.
Our contribution will be developing sustainable lands for food production and help to form a good society.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

International Anti Drug Day

Praying to God for - 'A drug free world' -

June 26 - International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Previous Alcoholism Related article

Each day human lives and human resources are lost due to illicit Drugs (including alcohol). So many innocent lives are lost either by fighting for it or by using it.

We are doing our part by educating people against illicit drugs and creating a better environment. Praying to God for - ILLICIT Drug Free World.

Save your friends...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ganges Pollution and Swamiji's Death by Fasting, Praying to God for Peace

Swami Nigamananda fasted and died for the cause of saving Ganga from Pollution.

Praying for his soul to rest in peace and his wish to come true.
Everyone should work towards getting Ganges Clean.
Polluted environments can spring back to normal if proper actions are taken and followed (One such action).

Ganges River Pollution

Also saw videos from war atrocities that had happened recently.
Saving environment topics are nothing when considering these abuses against humans.
Only God has to give a solution for these happenings.
Let us pray for peace all around the globe.
We will be doing whatever we can do that is to work towards good environment and motivate others to do.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fire from cell phone component industry in Tamilnadu – Environmental Effects - Air Pollution

No one was injured from the industrial fire – that is good news. However the fire burnt inflammable paints, other chemicals and sent smokes all over. This should have caused some damage to the air quality. Lots of people are living around that area and lots of agricultural lands are there near that area (Recently visited that place). Severe Environmental Damage would occur due to this. Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board should assess this damage.

News about the Fire

People from Finland were worried about the job loss when Perlos moved the jobs to a developing country.

Perlos Job loss in Finland

However it is only jobs they lost, Think about the Environmental Damage this fire has caused. The Environmental hazard that has happened to Environment and air quality of Tamilnadu is more damaging than just losing few jobs. This area is an agricultural area and this would not only damage crops but also affect the health of the people. Hazardous air pollutants will be inhaled by people living in those areas. Only years of real scientific study will identify the real damage.

Read my earlier blog about conversation between me and a graduate student about fine line between environment and economic importance:
Environment and Economics

Even though Finland was worried about Perlos Job loss, people are safe and have better environment, where as People of Tamilnadu might have got some blue collar jobs (Not the white collar jobs - may be few) from this industry being moved here, but face severe Environmental damage including Health effects from this chemical fire.

Finland Environment is getting better
Finland Emissions. SOx, NOx, NMVOC, CO, PM - all air pollutants reduced over the years. As an Environmental Scientist, I bet 100% that all these chemicals must have increased at damaging levels in the atmosphere because of this fire. Even though it is an accident, what emergency remediation action plan we have? or what rules India have regarding this (Environmental Pollution)? or who will be responsible for clean up and health problems from this industrial fire?

We still did not learn from Bhopal tragedy!. Our Politicians have other priorities – Bringing more and more such industries without proper Environmental planning or litigation.


Industries Flocking into Tamilnadu

We should be happy and thank God, that there was no mortality in this industrial fire. However, we should wake up now (this is just a warning alarm) and create Proper Environmental Litigation and Environmental Responsibility by these industries.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Environmental Conservation in Action

There is no denying that one enjoys when present in green surroundings, pristine and clean environment. Viewing green mountains, water falls, streams, creeks, chirping birds, majestic animals and wonderful environment make you feel better. Recently, I visited Great Smoky Mountains and enjoyed the great environment when I was there. As an environmental scientist, I felt great to be in Great Smoky Mountains. Everyone I saw there (different and variety of people) had one thing in common, happiness. They were happy when doing variety of activities such as diving, swimming, hiking, walking and camping.

Pictures from Great Smoky Mountains:
Logging Photos Link

Before and After Logging Pictures Link

All these happiness in a green environment was possible due to people who thought about it and conserved this place. Only few years back the trees were cut and almost made the mountains bald. Due to the conservation effort by great leaders and people who thought of future, the greenery and environment of these Great Smoky Mountains have been saved. It has become an important International Biosphere Reserve. Now let us do our part to save such remaining great environments for our future generations.

World Environment Day - WED - June 5th

50 ways to conserve - link

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Projects and Political Leaders

Recently Tamilnadu people did their democractic duty excellently.
Every type of people voted to make the change.

Once Tamilnadu had great leaders. Those political leaders had excellent visions for people. They had less money in their pockets. Tamilnadu was growing with the vision of those leaders. Recent leaders want to fill their pockets. Truth is they never cared about people. During their rule what have they done? Mostly increased the corruption and have no proper infra structure.

Think about roofless schools in the villages.
Recent leaders still follow the caste system and caste based politics.
They use the language as a tool to do regional politics and curb the growth of their people. They really back off when language, regional based politics is needed to save their people. Instead they go after greed of power and money.

We destroy oceans, forests, agricultural lands, trees, and soil resources.
Recent leaders are mostly opportunistic, liars and aim to increase their wealth.

If their real wealth is accounted they will be first in Forbes list. However they leave their people, society and state in deep trouble. With their amassed wealth excellent projects can be materialized with ease and the government will still have surplus.

These greedy politicians have spoiled the state. The young politicians should learn from previous leaders who have done well for their state, country and ignore the greedy politicians. Young politicians should work for the welfare of the people, execute important projects, eradicate poverty, improve schools and education, and improve agriculture and environment.

When a small group of people can do good projects such as this Sustainable Land Development, think about how many good projects that can be implemented with the money, power, knowledge and team that the Government has.

All we can do is pray to God to have such real leaders, fend off corrupt politicians and give strength to do our job and hardwork to move forward.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

EA Farms - Traditional Ploughing and Agricultural Sustainability

At EA Farms, We use traditional and natural methods to improve agricultural sustainability by rearing and using effective ruminant livestock for agricultural purposes.

View Larger Map
Ruminant Animals Digestive System and Agricultural Sustainability

They work for few days during the plouging season. Remaining days they graze in farm and rest.
They have very good days during Pongal season.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Our actions:
Sustainable land development project is moving forward.
We created swale in our EA Farms. We hope after the rains we should increase the ground water.
Soon fruit trees, medicinal trees and other useful trees will be planted along with existing trees. We also thank people sending seeds in advance.
Trying to bring water to all parts of the land and we will achieve that soon. We will be using minimum water for the growth.
Soon we will be starting to rear animals.


As soon as irrigation is ready we will be making the land more and more green.
We are slowly but steadily achieving our goal - From Barren Pesticide Applied Land to Organic Natural Sustainable Land.

We Pray to God and Earth to make this project more success. We also welcome ideas from all who wants to contribute to Environment Well Being.
Thank You. Happy Earth Day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving Forward - Fourth Year - Sustainable Land Development - Building Environmental History

02/09/2007 - Started the blog

What started as a small idea has grown into bigger environmental project.

Four Year Achievements:
Stopped applying harsh chemicals in the land.


May 2009, KC moved to EAFARMS to work on the following projects:

EAFARMS Environmental Project is progressing:

1) Fence around land along with gate is completed
2) Ground water source identified and borewell dug
3) Obtained electricity for the farm - for bringing the ground water to the surface
4) Apiary - Honey & Pollination - Started with 10 bee boxes
5) Planted Teak trees - around the farm and in the eco-agroforestry area of the EA Farms.
6) Hired a farm worker and built facility for him to stay @ EA FARMS.

Scheduled Activities:
1) Drip Irrigation
2) Green Houses
3) Get cows for Dairy and natural fertilizers
4) Mushroom Culture
5) Plant fruit trees along with existing trees, flowering plants and vegetables
6) Crops and Inter crops
7) Extent coconut farm
8) Swale creation
9) Animal Breeding & Rearing
10) Biochar

We are slowly but steadily moving forward. Once our infrastrucrture is ready we will be planting more and more plants, trees, and crops at EA FARMS and do more Environmental Activities.

Praying for the success.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oil Drills and Wells - Should not spill oils in the Gulfs

Oil Spills are always major environmental disasters - As we witnessed recently in Gulf of mexico. As a Marine Estaurine Environmental Research Scientist, I am always fascinated by each and every part of the Marine ecosystems and how they are interconnected for the balance of the whole earth.

Now we started to dig more and more new wells in new areas of the oceans -
Recently 3 wells in - GULF OF MANNAR.
It is already a fragile environment with more than 3000 species of fauna and flora :
Environmental Impacts

The people (companies) who are drilling should take caution and do the necessary safety measures, so that Gulf of Mexico kind of spills do not occur in Gulf of Mannar. Apart from that all we can do now is Pray that Environmental disasters such as Gulf of Mexico oil spills do not happen again.