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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Twenty First Century Life

How every one should live in twenty first century:

With all the development and sophistication everyone should live in

A place with fresh air,
A place with clean water,
Fresh Air and Clean Water

A place where one can produce, eat unadulterated and non artificial chemical induced food.

Artificial Chemical Free Foods - Mangoes from EA FARMS

An Earth with no wars, racial and religious tensions.

A place with no greed, where everyone helps each other and join hands to work towards betterment of Environment (incl. Flora and Fauna) and Human Kind.

A World where poverty does not exist.

Need truthful leaders who want to give good to people.

All the above points look like a dream now.

What have human kind done and What is really happening:


(I did some google image search (research) on each topic), you can also search and the results would cause heart aches.

Air Pollution is at highest level - see the map.

Water Pollution -  I did a google image search on water pollution and it was nasty all over the Globe.

Food is contaminated by so many things.

Pollution facts.

So many wars are taking place even in this 21st century. People are killed and displaced at alarming rate.

Even in this 21st century it is hard to understand with so much of advancement, poverty still exists.

There are people with hunger, no shelter and basic necessities for sustaining healthy life.

I hope and pray for the dream environment to come to true for future generations. It starts from every individual. We need more compassion and love rather than hate.We have come to this Earth for a reason. Let us make our life useful and contribute to the betterment of the Earth, rather than destroy it. Let us work towards less pollution, war and poverty free Earth. Better Environment is the best for Future Generations.

I pledge I will do my best towards better environment and request you to do so,

Environmental Scientist and Information technologist

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