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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving, Sharing Environment, Information Technology Steps

Happy Thanksgiving.

Be thankful for all the positives you have.

Wonderful Quote from
Mr. W._Clement_Stone :
"If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share. "

I follow that and am really thankful that I am an Environmental Scientist and an Information Technologist.

Things I want to share:


For the start up farmers who want to follow Sustainable Organic Natural Agriculture as we follow at EA Farms, I created a small but efficient step to follow:


Created a guide how to become a database expert from novice. These steps are simple, easy but efficient. Those who followed these steps ( put sincere effort and hard work) have become success stories. So if you are a recent graduate or anyone who want to take a career path in information technology field can start in databases and follow this:

I hope start up farmers and start up information technologists use these sites and become successful.
Once you learn these, Sky is your limit.

Once again Happy Thanksgiving from:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prayers, EA Farms, Modern Environmentalism, EA IT Data DEN

Let me start by saying from bottom of my heart

  Les prières sont avec vous, chers frères et sœurs de France

 Praying, Praying, Praying for these type of violent acts not to happen again. As environmentalists we are worried about small creatures including plants and could not comprehend the human deaths that happens due to violence. All we can do is to pray to the almighty, so these does not happen again in the face of Mother EARTH.

 Again we had some hurdles on our projects, but came up with positives with the help of prayers from friends and family. We had good rain in the EA Farms area. So it is positive for us. Swale had increased the ground water plume as we envisioned. Hopefully we will have good results soon. Hard Positive Work pays off, for sure. EA Farms - From barren chemically induced land to Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land. EA Farms Agro forestry area should also benefit from these rains.

 One negative I see from these rainy days in Tamilnadu, is we are still not ready in Water Management field. We all learn from mistakes, Hopefully we will be ready before the next one.

 Another dream of mine is coming close. In 2011, I wanted to start writing a book on Environmental Topic. I wanted to give my experience and my journey as Environmental Scientist to the World. Finally I have completed it titled - Modern Environmentalism - I have send it to my friend to write foreword. Hopefully it will be available soon as an eBook at enviroapps websites.

Modern Environmentalism - eBook

In this book I have reinstated that we have come to a point that we cannot avoid pollution, however we need to take action to reduce it, counter act by doing positives such as planting trees for the benefit of future generations.

On the Information Technology side, with my experience and our team's experience  in Data, Data Analysis, Databases and other IT areas, we created EA_IT_DATADEN website where one can learn databases and IT topics.
Learn Database - website

Hopefully people interested and want to enter database field will benefit from this website. This learning experience is simple and efficient and we have several success stories.

Praying on Diwali day - Let the light shine on Mother Earth positively and bring peace

Rain at EA Farms, Modern Environmentalism Book, EA IT Data DEN for learning are the positives during this period. Again praying for only positives.