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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tribute to Dr. Abdul Kalam

With heavy heart and tears writing this, Dr. Kalam left us on 27 July, 2015 to be with God in Heaven.
Always prayed to God to send more people like him to Earth. However his legacy is still with us. Observing the condolences in the social media, we can see how many followed him. He had a vision to make the world better and his last speech was on Livable Planet. Most of us will follow his vision.

When I was in Maryland doing my research, I had visited Wallops Island Flight Facility and saw his signature there in the visitor's book.

That day I thought it will be nice to see him in person. After several years that dream came true, we met him in Casselberry temple.

He gave excellent speech during Gandhi Jayanthi  in the temple hall. He told everyone of us to contribute to others.

I still follow that, contributed and contributing my knowledge, experience to guide others in Environmental and Information Technology fields to make their life better and ask them to contribute to others.

Created projects that will help lots of people -

EA FARMS - Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development

EAPHARMICS - Stability information for medicines

ZoomVin  - Creating environmental awareness through creating suitable ecological areas and photography.

His books in my collection:

"You have to dream before your dreams can come true" - Quote by Dr. Kalam.

He had asked several people including actors to plant trees.

My 8th Grade Niece's Tribute to Dr. Kalam

I have a dream to create sustainable environments and it is coming true. I will contribute to it as Dr. Kalam envisioned.  We have planted so many useful trees at EA Farms. RIP Dr. Kalam.

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