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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alcohol Is International Number One Killer

Alcohol is the number one killer Internationally - WHO report. It is sad. It is even more sad when governments are sponsoring it. Recently I read an article that there were lot more young widows in India because of death of their husbands who were provided with more alcohol during this election. It is really sad to see young children growing without their fathers. It puts the family into below poverty levels and society becomes spoiled. When WHO warns, then it is something to be taken very seriously. The number went high because there are more drinkers now in India and China. Alcohol is so dangerous and it can cause high level damage to individual. family and whole society. I have seen young people bolstering and taking pride in drinking alcohol. It is completely wrong. Alcohol will damage so many organs in your body and lead to an early death. There are so many institutions that can help to end the alcohol abuse. Google and join them if you need help to stop using alcohol and become a better human resource. 

My earlier articles about rise in alcoholism and it's evil causes. Hoping and Praying that we can eradicate this excessive alcohol consumption problem from the face of earth.

Say no to alcohol. Drink fresh fruit juices and eat healthy food instead. Be healthy to play with your Children and Grand Children instead of succumbing to drinking alcohol and leaving the young ones to suffer. It is not worth it.

I also feel satisfied that I have personally made several people to stop drinking alcohol, come up in life, enjoy time, support and life with their kids. I sincerely Thank God for giving me that opportunity.

On 2017 - Still Alcohol is causing more deaths. However good to know there are People like Mr. Harman Singh working against curbing the sales.