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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Water Scarcity, Innovative ways to produce potable water and natural Energy Resources

Water scarcity is rising at an alarming rate in certain parts of the world.
Fresh water bodies that depend on rainfall are completely drying due to the fact that climatic conditions are constantly changing and weather patterns are being affected. Deforestation and Construction (River soil removal) have caused so many side effects.
Drought can cause entire Nation to succumb.
Just saw the news that at Tamilnadu (where I come from) there are no rains and water levels are deteriorating at an alarming rate.

Soon people may even have tough time getting potable water.

As an Environmental Scientist, my concern is

What the government and scientists are doing to curb this water deficiency problem?

Tamilnadu has hundreds of universities.

Tamilnadu has thousands of colleges.

These educational institutes have very intelligent students who are guided by intellectual and experienced professors.  Why are these universities not researching on alternate water producing topics and produce water?.

People from Tamilnadu have excelled in variety of fields all over the globe.
However, Tamilnadu still has several hours of power cut and shortage of water.

What I am pointing to is - why are these universities and colleges are not researching on novel and innovative methods of producing water at affordable prices.

Ironically, Tamilnadu has the largest desalination plants in whole South east Asia and they have a long coastal area to utilize.
There are innovative technologies such as

Water from air.

Self water filling bottle.

Efficient Desalination - using Nano Technology.

Future Cheap alternatives for desalination - nanotechology filters.

Also solar, bio, wind and geothermal energy can be used along with wind and hydro generated power.

As an individual and group of people, who wanted to do something for the roots, we sincerely tried to get and implement these technologies. but could not afford to do so. We are still trying though.

Sarcastically,  I can say that  I am sure government can fund these studies with the huge profit they make from TASMAC - Alcohol effects.

What we do is to plant as many trees as we can and save them at our EA FARMS SONA (Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural) site. Hope these trees helps and brings rain there in the future.

Our area trees:

Also, we are planning to use as much as natural resources at EA Farms.

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