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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Adulteration, Toxins, Unhealthy Future Generations

Recently I have been hearing about high amount of food adulteration.
Farmers are injecting Oxytocin directly in plants to increase the size of vegetables and in cows to increase milk production.
This indirectly enters the human system and cause untreatable effects such as hemorrhage, heart, blood pressure problems and brain damages.
This increased greed can affect health of future generation. Already alcohol intake is high among young people. Along with that, uncontrolled pollution (air and water) symbiotically affect the health. What is supposed to save people from these things - healthy food - is now tainted with these chemicals - Only God can save the future generation from these greedy creatures. These greedy creatures went ahead and labeled new expiry dates for already expired medicines.

I was so upset when I heard that they are adulterating goat droppings (which is used as fertilizers by farmers).
How low these creatures went.

I hope more people should stand against this (like they did with Anna Hazare) and government should vigourosly act against these crimes or else we will have a very very unhealthy future generations.
Hearing more and more people are sick and have dreadful diseases like cancers and are diabetic.

God - Please save us from this.

We are doing our part at EA FARMS - growing agricultural products using natural organic materials.

Here is our produce - completely organic and we are proud of it.
If we can do it anybody - any farmer and people with conscience can produce it.

Peanut (Groundnut):
Corn (Maize):

We have to eat food without chemicals. There should not be greed in making money over food and medicine.