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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Devastating Hurricanes

Charley, Frances, Ivan.....
were some of the hurricanes I experienced as a Floridian. While waiting for IRMA to pass through Florida as an Environmental Scientist I want to mull about few environmental issues

During  thunderstorm Fay I wrote about my experience, It scared me and now we are facing more powerful storm Irma. I hope and pray for people in it's path.

These strong oak tree branch is no match for strong hurricane such as IRMA.

They easily break away and can be very dangerous projectile.

Some of us deny that there is human induced climate change and we don't need to worry about it. These disasters are natural rather than human made. Yes I agree these are natural disasters. But I want to point out that we have increased the power of these, The more the temperature of water,  the more storm intensity, Also we have affected the coastal areas (coastal flora is gone) and built high rises on the edge of the beach. So when it hits, we have very high damages,

Sea Level Fingerprints - Visual Image.
I had opportunity to teach little kids about climate change and how it affects humans using a simple model

and work with lead scientists. The above picture is a simple model and the below picture is a real damages from Google Images search (coastal areas after hurricane IRMA):

This is the truth. 

Now we are at a point that we have to curtail the pollutants for the benefit of future generations. We cannot afford high category storms. For our part, we will be working on simple methods such as planting trees which would act as a sink for CARBON DIOXIDE and create awareness on this issue. So please act wisely and think about these deadly hurricanes whenever you have a better and alternative choice. 

Now we have planes that fly through the eye of Hurricane and get more and more data.
Hopefully with all the big data, powerful computer systems and softwares we can accurately predict the hurricane paths in the future.

Praying for millions in the hurricane IRMA's path. 
Devastation by Maria on Islands is more heartbreaking.

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