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Friday, November 11, 2016

Environmental Protection a must

Environmental Protection needs to be considered seriously, especially now - because of high pollution levels, Already five essentials for survival - Water, Air, Food, Outdoor Environment and Sleep are being affected considerably. Along with these,  multiple adversaries are happening. Health is affected by so many things. Most of the people are depend on chemical medicines. Our bodies are exposed to more chemicals than before and it could also symbiotically affect the health with pollutants.

Recently saw photos about India's capital being affected by air pollution. As an Environmentalist, it was very hard to see that. It can lead to severe and several disasters. We have damaged the environment at the highest level. It affects human health in many ways. As an Environmental Scientist and toxicologist, I am well aware of that.

What can be done:

Governments should use air pollutants absorbing  Plants and  Electrostatic Precipitators efficiently to remove the pollutants so that people can get out without wearing masks.

Also they are many people still believing climate is not affected by pollutants and is a hoax. I hope at least they believe some percentage instead of completely denying it and help as an individual to decrease the pollution. One small example, I used to walk with my daughter during Halloween (October 31st)  wearing costumes and it was always very cold. Recent few years, the Halloween day was still like a summer day and was sweating during the walk, It is just a simple example. However rainfall patterns have changed, Arctic ice caps have melted, Hurricanes have affected the coastal areas, Beaches are becoming unsafe to swim. Governmental Organizations are warning about climate changes, NASA is also warning about this.

I personally know sacrificing Scientists studying about pollutants, how to reduce that and climate changes. We have come to a point that there is no more 100% pollutant free areas in the Globe. Pollutants have reached even remote parts of Mother Earth. We have to come up with novel methodologies and reduce the pollutants that we are letting into the environment. Also we have to come up with new ideas how to cost effectively control these pollutants.

Wherever we are, we should take necessary steps to curb pollutants and leave a healthy environment for our children. We can earn lots of money, we can be powerful person anywhere, but if the environment is not good, those mean nothing.


ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION is  must and mandatory for the benefit of our future generations, Please, Save the Environment.

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