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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Water Air Food Outdoor Energy Sleep - Living Healthy


  Water wars are already starting in the world. We are already paying for water than most of the commodities. Think about poor people - it is going to be tough for them. We all know water is important and it is important that we manage it properly. Water bodies are abused for selfish purposes and polluted at alarming rate. Most of the people are already drinking toxic soup water rather than normal water. Sewage, pharmaceutical products waste, other industrial effluents and non point sources taint water bodies. We are also depleting ground water at an alarming rate.

It is time to manage fresh water resources, properly.

Food (from Land):

   It is really hard to say that we are eating good food. Foods are prepared from produce grown using contaminated water, chemicals including pesticides. Apart from that, they are also genetically modified and are also tainted with antibiotics and hormones. Lands for food growth have become scarce. Buildings take over trees and cities are growing, Sea level rising will also decrease the coastal area lands.

It is time to properly manage land especially agricultural lands.


  If we do not take care of air pollution, soon we will have to pay for air as we do for water. Our future generations have to  carry oxygen cans as breathing aid.
They will have to be dressed like they live in another planet. Cities are getting affected by smog and other air pollutants from various sources. We also cut down trees which are sinks for these
air pollutants, so it is affecting us more.

It is time to curb air pollutants and be strict on emissions.

Outdoor Energy:
  We need energy from Sun (Vitamin D) and most of us are spending time in indoors than outdoors. In indoors  we are exposed to lots of  chemicals from various indoor sources, To curb that we need to grow indoor helpful plants (snake plants, Areca palm etc) - for better air in indoors.
We live in air conditioned houses and drive around in air conditioned cars. Summers are getting hotter and I have heard people complaining that they cannot withstand heat and spend more time indoors. Children are playing more indoor games than outdoor games. There will be more cases of vitamin D deficiencies and it is not good.

It is very important to spend some time outdoors to get some Sun's energy.

  We all need at least 8 hours of sleep and most of us don't even sleep  for 6 hours. Electronic devices - cell phones, laptops, tablets and desktops do not help either.
Think about how much time we spend on these devices even before sleep. Disturbed sleep is cause for many diseases.

It is very important to sleep for at least 7 hours to maintain proper health.

Big companies and owners are investing for curing diseases, If these necessities ( such as good water, unpolluted air, healthy food (eating is to be done as meditation - slowly, properly chewed food is half digested) , spending quality time outdoor in Sun and sleeping properly)   -
are properly followed, people will be healthy.

It should start from individuals.

One more important aspect is to avoid toxic substances -  Tobacco - Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs.

Prevention is better than cure.

Live Healthy.