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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tough times for Environmentalists, Piyush Manush, Praying for Moving Forward.

As a fellow Environmentalist, it is hard to believe that Mr, Piyush Manush has to go through the rough act for being an Environmentalist, Nature Lover, Sustainable Practitioner, Enthusiast and Restorer,  I pray that he overcomes this and God gives him ample health and support to continue what he does in more effective way. One should always follow the positiveness - Planting trees, restoring natural water bodies and other sustainable environmental activities. I support all such environmental sustainable activities from bottom of my heart.

Mookaneri Story:

Tough times to Environmentalists - It is happening all over the world - Pl. Read this.

We should ignore the negativeness (even though if it is hard) by following  Gandhiji,  Swami Vivekanada, Dr. Abdul Kalam (who were all for the Nature and sustainable development).

Currently, World is going through these negativeness and recently it is going through a hellish dance.
Leaders are into negativity, We hear barbaric activities in the World in most of the NEWS. Brutal killings and violence is happening all over the World.

Let us not loose our vision.
I humbly ask good people around the World  - 
Let us march towards what is right, positiveness without violence , only with Peace and Unity. 
In the end we are going to succeed.  Super power from above is watching all activities and will be with good people who does good activities, always.

Recently visited Mexico 

Chichen Itza - One of the world wonders - Mayan Calendar Pyramid.

 Beautiful Sunrise:

Turquoise- browed motmot:
Beautiful Marine Environment:

Pelicans Soaring high: 

People swimming  in cold water Sink hole: - Ik Kil - Cenote:

Praying for peace and nature related growth everywhere in the World. We have to preserve the nature for the Future Generations to come.

Makesh Karuppiah, Ph.D
Environmental Scientist