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Friday, October 2, 2015

Eradicate Poverty

October is month of Gandhi ji's birthday.
One of his quote - "Poverty is the worst form of violence."
He changed using rich clothes to the one he wore due to seeing the clothes that poor people wore.

An old photo of Dr. Abdul Kalam in Gandhi Jayanthi Celeberation

Also October 17th is the International Poverty Eradication Day.

Rural Poverty Portal

Global Poverty Map using Satellite

Even after all these years, Poverty is still a major problem in the Earth.

What can an individual do -

Give whatever you can to eradicate poverty. If you are educated - you can teach skills to people.

Small deeds can together make it Big.

Wherever you are,if you see a child begging or working (child labor), you should intervene, do the necessary thing to put the child in the School.

It is easier to say than to do. However an effort should be taken.

There are so many programs that are in favor of child upbringing in most parts of the World.

Education is one of main method that will eradicate poverty.

Sustainability is another method of eradicating poverty. If you can create sustainable projects that will benefit poor communities, utilize the human resources and give them back a share of profit - That will be a small step to eradicate poverty.

Environmental awareness and cleanliness along with sustainable agriculture can also be part of eradicating poverty,

If you are successful in any field, you need to think differently and contribute some part of your success towards eradicating poverty.

High earning business people, movie personalities, professional sports people and politicians should mainly contribute towards eradicating poverty.

Every other able person should also contribute to this common goal.

For my part -

I am training people in areas I am educated and trained - Environmental Projects, Information Technology and Databases and get them better jobs.
When they become successful, I have told them to contribute to others.

We have created EA Farms - Sustainable Natural Organic Agriculture Land Development project and helping the underprivileged in that area.

With Farm Workers

Even small things such as this helps - We collect US lucky penny dropped on ground and put it in a jar. Over period of time even it becomes a collection. When I go to India I convert into Indian rupees (1 cent = 60 paise) and give it to an orphanage. That has helped them in getting some daily needed materials. Small deeds can change life of other poor people.

Those who can read this - are fortunate to have a computer or a mobile device, internet and more. However there are other people who could not afford these luxuries and they don't even know how to get their next meal. So please think wisely about what you do especially if you are wasting something. Always keep those type of underprivileged people in mind and constantly think about upbringing them.

Let us have a goal to eradicate poverty and even if you can bring one person out of poverty it will be a great success.

Please take this action:

Global Goals

"We must continue, with still greater speed, to change the lives of our people, especially the poorest of the poor"  -  Nelson Mandela.

On this Gandhi Jayanthi day - praying for peace and non-violence.