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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Two Sides, Nature Butterfly Lovers, Lion Killers

Almost a year back, we went on a butterfly tour riding a swamp buggy in The Disney Wilderness Preserve.
A huge swamp buggy took the limited natural enthusiasts inside the swamp to enjoy the nature and watch the butterflies.
A Beautiful  Orange Butterfly at the Preserve

Big Swamp Buggy

Most of them were elderly people . On the tour someone would spot a small butterfly and the entire crew would stop the buggy, get down the buggy and were thrilled to watch such a small butterfly. 

Climbing down the buggy and watching smallest butterfly if spotted 
and appreciated the Nature

These people showed respect, appreciation for nature and even for such small organism, the butterflies. I felt happy in such people's company, who were for nature conservation and took care of other creatures as small as the butterflies.

That's why I could not comprehend when big creatures such lions, rhinos and elephants are killed for trophy.
Majestic Lions

It is also very difficult to understand that doctors are killing these animals. How could doctors, who are life saviors in many cases, kill such majestic animals?. At least I want to go to a doctor who is passionate about life rather than one who kills animals for the fun of it. One side, people love even small creatures such as butterflies and the other groups cold bloodily kill Lions. I wish these killers take a trip with the people who loved the butterflies, may be they will learn to appreciate the other life. 
A Picture from Key West Butterfly Gardens

When the love is shown to these creatures, they come to you:

These creatures are there in the World to share their time with us and not be killed by us. Please think  - Eco Justice in future.

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