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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ZoomVin - Creating Environmental Niche and Photography

Recently we created ZoomVin website:

What we do in this site is - we create environmental awareness. How do we do that - We create a real world environmental niche for birds and butterflies by planting trees and flowering plants. Also by properly placing bird feeders and baths we attract birds. They are fun to watch and we capture them in our camera. Through zoomvin we want to share the world these beautiful pictures in the form of digital media.


 Zoomvin - Birds


 Zoomvin - Butterflies

Roses and Flowers:

 Zoomvin - Roses and Flowers


 Zoomvin - Nature

See and enjoy these books (pictures). You can also create your own environment and attract them and capture those wonderful moments. These are small environments where these many birds visits. We have a created a bigger niche at EA FARMS and lots of different birds visit. It is also a sustainable land development project.

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