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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Good Luck, Peace, Positives, Move Forward

What is greed?
What is war?
What is killing?
What is racism?
What is caste?
- All humans don't know what these questions are and what these words mean.
People are living in harmony, People are into growing good food, benefit each other and are upbringing the entire Earth community - these questions and above sentences sounds like 

April fool messages.

But inside every human there would be a desire to live like this - peacefully, without war, without killing each other and treating everyone as same and in friendly manner. Whatever you do in young age is going to come back when you are old. Wisdom catches up on - when one becomes old. Negative deeds that were once thought as heroic acts would be stupid when looked back after growing old and wise.
You become close to God when you are old. Then the truth becomes clearer.

It is been a while, I posted. My computer got corrupted by Key holder virus and was asked for a ransom, however as an IT-savvy person and one who does not budge to threats, I did not oblige. I have saved most important files in cloud, couple of external drives and important photos in social media sites. So I could retrieve all the important files. Make sure to back up your important files and make them read only. If you are tech savvy you could retrieve the files also. If you cannot retrieve a picture - one more thing to note - these low levels can encrypt a picture from you computer but cannot erase the memory from you - so do not cave in.

Let us eradicate greed, war, racism, caste, negativeness and live harmoniously. 

Even though the negatives affect us, let us take the positives and move forward. It starts and must be planned from every individual and together we can make it.
During this period, I could train two more people in databases and IT. They are into getting better opportunities.
Got solar panels for EA Farms

Completed some good projects.
If you do good and positives, you can experience sea of surprises (only Good ones).

Good Luck and Peace to everyone.

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