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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Teach In Bio Domes

For third year in a row I was Honorary Teacher for a day.

I love to teach and train students. I have been teaching and training students at Graduate level in Environmental and Information Technology fields. However when I teach to elementary school kids, I prepare more, get them involved and I feel that I am giving some input for these Kids future.

Teach In - November 2012

Teach In - November 2013

I had been talking about pollution topics in previous years. This year I choose Bio Dome topic and was well received by the fifth graders. I told them in future, humans may live in sustainable bio domes, because of the higher level of pollutants in the environment, which also can be a self sustained sustainable living environment.
An imagined  Bio Dome 

They got involved immediately and asked lots of very intelligent questions. Each one them designed their own bio dome,
More Bio Dome Satellite Designs

It is all about Nature and Technology

         I witnessed so many different ideas and designs. I used a cookie and asked them to sketch the topography looking sideways and asked them to imagine it as a celestial body and choose a place where they would land their bio dome satellite. They interestingly choose their landing spots. I talked about the recent Philae comet landing and they were totally involved and discussed how their bio dome satellites would land. Finally I showed them how the satellite would collect the samples and analyze the composition of the site where it landed. In this case I told them cookies contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda - added some extra raw baking soda) and when acetic acid (vinegar) is added fizzing reaction takes place. Similarly by using chemical reactions and other techniques we can find the composition of the celestial body. Questions never ended. I told them to write the questions on a paper and send it to me. They did and these questions were well thought. I gave them the best answers. Various environmental Biomes in a bio dome can be modeled and researched. Even though these kids are just fifth graders, they showed that they have lot of potential. I wish and pray they shine in the future and contribute to the society positively. Some day they may even fly their own bio dome satellites into other celestial bodies.
Desire to Discover

In future people may even live in self sustained Bio Domes instead of concrete houses. Imagine if you can have the handle over what you breathe, what you eat (grow by yourself) - basically control your living environment, that would be best way to live in future.

Once again I felt very satisfied when I received the thank you card.

Wherever you are, if you have knowledge in good topics, teach them to future generations. You can be really proud, get the satisfaction and bring a meaning to your life, that why you are here.

Some of the bio domes may be studied at EA Farms in future:

During the past Halloween, I was a wizard and spelled out a charm:

Protego Maxima. Fianto Duri. Repello Inimicum for Earth - 

conjures up an almost impregnable magical protection barrier for Mother Earth. Fellow Earth inhabitants let us all be positive, do good and be safe.

Makesh Karuppiah, PhD