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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yes on 1 Florida - The Water and Land Conservation Amendment

Every time you visit a national park or even a national preserve, you have think of the greats such as John Muir, President Roosevelt and many other visionaries who had saved these lands for us.
Every inch of these lands is beauty to watch. When you enter them, it is pristine, you breath the fresh air and have fun in the nature.
I can't even think of disturbing these saved land.
Now in Florida to save these Lands and Water - we have to vote Yes on 1 - The Water and Land Conservation Amendment.

 Voting Yes on this Amendment 1 will give us opportunity to enjoy these preserved lands and water bodies. We should preserve these lands for the future generations to benefit, as we did.
If we don't the future generations would have to see these lands only in pictures.

I have traveled to different countries and as the years go by, there are only concrete jungles. Green forests, lands and water bodies are degraded everywhere. When you step out, you breathe dust and soot from the vehicle exhausts and have to drink contaminated water. So it is important to save these remaining lands and water bodies.

Think of these environments -
A beautiful serene view of Lake Russell, FL 

    Pristine lands with trees, plants, serene rivers, lakes, stream, birds, butterflies, animals and fresh air to breath and

    Sterile lands with concrete buildings, polluted water bodies, depleting aquifers and particulates to breath

Which one you would choose from the above to live in. I would go with the first one.

I will also work on the second one as an Environmental Scientist to slowly make it as the first one. However, just to restore the native plants, it would take 40 years or more.

It is very difficult to restore the environment after damage, since the natural process takes so long. I researched on Chesapeake Bay environmental issues and after more than 18 years felt happy knowing that it is getting better. All those efforts of restoration have been fruitful.

Vote Yes on 1 - The Water and Land Conservation Amendment - more info

So apart from party boundaries, let us all vote Yes on 1 - The Water and Land Conservation Amendment ( Note - without any additional tax burden ) in the coming Florida November 4th election to save these these precious Waters and Land, which will save all its inhabitants and more.

The Good Result and the best news for future generations:

Makesh Karuppiah, Ph.D
Environmental Scientist

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happiness Peace and Better World

Every time I visit Disney world I feel rejuvenated.
I see all kinds of diversified people -
little kids,
old people,
young couples,
people from different countries speaking different languages,
people from different religion and you can add so many and any diversification category and you can come across it there.
Only one thing is common there - Happiness. That's what world needs now.
Mr. Walt Disney was a man with a vision and had unlimited passion to build it.

Disney and his team prototyped the models into real thing.
Mickey Mouse Water tank

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (EPCOT) was also prototyped and it looks great in EPCOT.
EPCOT - Prototype


Magic Kingdom - Castle - Prototype
Real - Castle
Animal Kingdom - Tree of Life Prototype

Real - Tree of Life

He worked hard to give life to his dream and imagination.

Whatever he did, it is a heaven in the Mother Earth.
Little to older people enjoy it. I have seen the happiness on every one of them, every time I visit Disney Theme Parks.

At the same time I think about the people in war zones. I cry and pray to God that soon these wars should be over and people and children should live peacefully. Every day, every one, everywhere should be as if they were in Disney world - Enjoying life happily.

My dream and prototype - EA Farms - Sustainable Organic Natural Agricultural Land Development

We are building slowly, but steadily. With hard work and dedication we will also achieve it.

Also wanted to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhiji once again on his birthday - October 2nd, by praying to God to send more people such as him to Earth again.

However, God took a great Gandhian Dr. N. Mahalingam from Pollachi with him on Oct 2nd, 2014.

Dr. Mahalingam has created so many educational institutes in and around Pollachi. I am proud to be a student from one of his institutions. He was also very instrumental in creating valga valamudan in Aliyar area. May his soul rest in peace.

Let us follow their footsteps to make better Planet.

It was also World Animal Day on October 4th. Some of the animals are getting affected by the warm temperature and climate change:
Barn Owl

Let us work towards saving these animals.