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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Spread the love, peace, knowledge and educate others

Dear fellow human beings - instead of fighting, spread the love. That's what God wants and all religion heads have preached.

I saw this recently - Be kind to all creatures, great and small - Good words and I think the picture should include humans also.
Good words at a butterfly Garden in Key West

After progressing so much, in this era of 21st century, we humans are still fighting.

Something is not right.

Enjoy what nature has to offer. Every part of the world is beautiful in its own way. So many species are even found in desert environment. Life can thrive anywhere.

A Beautiful sunset - Photo by RG

Spread the right knowledge and love, peace will be there. 

Greed has to be stopped for building a better world. Greed on land, money and abusive power has to be stopped. Praying to all Gods to stop all negativeness on mother Earth, wars, fights and bring the positiveness such as peace, prosperity, love and good environment. Humans already face deadly viruses such as Ebola, flesh eating bacteria etc, along with all these destruction, why you need human made infliction on every positive aspects. 

In your average lifespan years, please do something good. It will be spoken even after your life.
Read about good people, their life, writings and follow their guidance. You will feel the peace and will get a prosperous life.

Dear youth of the world, please follow the good leaders, become such leaders and make better world for you, your family, the world and the future.  Never follow the evil ones, which will make your life, your family and the world dreadful.

Our hard work and focus has turned a barren looking land - See before and after picture.

Before and After - Hard work by KC & Team

Wherever you are do good, educate others, love the nature and make the world prosperous.