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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eco-Justice for Whales, Animals and Eradicate War, Racism from the face of Mother Earth

It is very hard to comprehend that 30 whales had been hunted this year, especially if you follow and practice eco-justice.
Over the years I have been successful with help of my team, in creating eco-friendly land systems, sustainable agricultural lands and eco-friendly backyards.

Wonderful to see - Birds sharing food 

We feel ultimate happiness when we see a small bird feeding from our backyard and hence it is very hard to read that whales, tigers, rhinos and other wild animals are hunted just for the wrong reasons.

Beautiful and Huge Whales - wonderful to watch 
(I could not even believe humans killing 30 of them).

Majestic Rhinos

Most of my life I was non-vegetarian and it took a while for me to understand the environment, ecosystems and religious systems to become a vegetarian. If I can change that way, I hope and pray that others can change or at least move towards the change (From 30 whales to 0 whales hunting, It would be great).

A beautiful young soft Chicken
(How could people boil hundreds of them alive?)

If I could not comprehend whale killing, how can I comprehend human killing by means of war. I cannot believe, even in the 21st century we are having so many wars and did not learn a thing from the past. My dear brothers and sisters from all over Globe, please learn from the past and live together peacefully. There are so many positive things to do on this great Mother Earth. Kick the negativeness out and move forward.

Also I was surprised to see that racism exists in twenty first century. Again I could not comprehend that we still need boards to display 'say no to racism' in football (soccer) world cup matches.

We all know the outer color is due to the environment we (and previous generations) are (were) exposed to and the inner blood color is the same. I hope and pray racism gets eradicated soon from Mother Earth. We all should focus on tolerating each other, live peacefully, harmoniously, follow eco-justice for animals and elevate the nature of human kind.

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