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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aim High and Achieve

After an enjoyable and wonderful vacation with family and friends, regular life has started in year 2014.
Chesapeake Bay Area -
This was my research area and it is good to know that it is getting better day by day. Some times life throws several negatives at you, even though they are small negatives, they start to pile up. But always focus on positives. It is going to change. Aim high and Achieve. Once again give what you can. If you are educated, and have excellent knowledge on subjects, teach that to youngsters and others. I do it by teaching Information Technology, Programming, Databases (Oracle and others)  and Environmental sciences. It is a great feeling when a person, whom you taught and trained does well in real world. Those people, when they give their knowledge back to others, it is going to be excellent World. Today I read Mr. Gates envisioned poverty will be eradicated by 2035 from the face of the Earth. I hope it happens before that and spreading the knowledge will aide that. I think anyone can learn Computer Programming easily with so many available technology. With as much as $35, one can assemble a Raspberry Pi and learn computing.
Raspberry Pi
With internet access, one can get hands on programming experience at in php, javascript, jscript, ruby, python, API's and more. I strongly recommend this site for learning coding. It will be helpful for anyone even though they don't intend to become a computer programmer. When you start learning, create a profile in linked in and update every step that you are mastering and join different related groups, which will also improve your chances of getting job.

 If you are naturalist and have access to places with soil try to grow plants and trees like we did at eafarms,
which will help the environment.
Trees at EA Farms
Each and everyday you hear about pollutants that are affecting the environment. Recently air pollution was at its worst in China. People were told to be in indoors. When you cannot step out freely, then what kind of life is this?. If we don't contain or reduce the pollutants, future generations will have to wear gas masks or even astronaut suits to just go out. Let us start to follow the reduce, reuse and recycle rules to at least postpone the situation. Never give up. Even though we face lots of destruction, we have to be positive and be constructive. Aim High and Achieve.
One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower)

Happy 2014.