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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Do Good Deeds in Life

You don't have to do complex things in life, when you want to do Good.
Simple good deeds or deeds that does not bother others will make you happy.
Some simple deeds I have done:
Maintaining a bird feeder and am very happy to see the wild song birds happily feed on it.
I wake up every morning to their chirping sounds. It is excellent to watch them on this bird feeder.
I have seen they share food among them. I feel better seeing these wonderful birds.
Birds feeding each other at the bird feeder
My wife maintains a wonderful rose garden. She loves to take pictures of these roses. I enjoy both the natural roses in variety of colors and photo of these roses that she takes.It was always better to grow some kind of produce in your area. Flowers, fruits, edible plants and greens and those tastes excellent, if you grow yourself. It is one the happiest things that you can experience.
Beautiful Rose in our garden
Our Produce - Chillies that we grew
Curry Leaves

If you have some knowledge in a field, teach it to someone who is interested in learning them. I have knowledge in Environmental and Information Technology. I teach it to whoever is interested in them. I have taught to individuals and they are excelling in these fields with flying colors. I am proud of them when I see they excel more than me. I feel that happiness when I am teaching, incorporating my knowledge to other people and they excel.
Teach what subject you know very well - to others 
I feel happy whenever I could create a job opportunity for a person. A job is always a first step for a person in his professional ladder. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur and become rich. There are several factors that influences that. But everyone with good effort can get a job, save some money and experience and
if interested one can start their own company.  I always feel happy when I train somebody to get a job. It is always good thing that you can provide a job.
With Farm Workers @ EA Farms
Dairy Farm
                    Respect everyone and you get the same treatment. That will make you more and more cheerful.
I created a project called Sustainable Organic Natural Agriculture - EA Farms - land development which has grown from a small to huge project. In Information Technology I was able to guide developers to develop products such as EA Toxics (USEPA related) and EA Generics (USFDA related).
I envision that to grow more.Hard work and your own projects bring lots and lots of joy. Never give up on your projects and add small effort to it everyday and it will grow with God's grace. If a person like me can do these projects, then think about what a true leader of a country can do for the country.
Wherever you are, please do such things and you will reap good things too.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Peace, focus on Positives and Prayers

Saving couple of birds, I felt I had a lived a worth full life.

So it is very difficult to digest when you read hundreds of people killed by their fellow human beings.
Evil has taken over the minds of these people to do such atrocities.
Even, one celled bacteria has been able to adopt the harshest environment by learning their lessons.
Why can't six sensed human being achieve this learning from the past mistakes.
There are so many worth full deeds one could do (esp. if you are a leader) than killing people.

In the vast universe (How big our universe is?), our milky way is just a speckle,
In the milky way, our solar system is just a tiny spot,
In the solar system, earth is a very very tiny object,
In the earth, your land is very small,
In the land, every individual is a fragile living object (However to bring a normal fragile human being to the Earth, it takes a mother's ultimate sacrifice ).
Even if you have 60 years of life span it is just a twinkle in astronomical numbers.

In that sixty years at least 18 years will go in childhood and education, some years will go as old age. If you consider other factors such as sleep and days with illness, you will have very few worth while days during your life. So instead of fighting with others and think you achieved greatness ( however, in History you will be treated as an useless dirt ), create something useful to others. That way you feel your life ( Similar to Mayfly's life in astronomical numbers) was worth something.
Accumulating wealth and money a midst suffering people, is useless. With the money you possess, help others (your own brethren) to improve and escape from poverty. 
If you can teach and educate them, they would do wonders. So many wonderful things are there to do and achieve, so why do you always think about destroying, that too - your own kind. History says atrocities committing people die in a dreadful way. Learn from the past mistakes and move forward positively.
As a tiny member of Beautiful Little Earth in the Great Universe, I prayed wholeheartedly (on Nov 2010) that there should be no war between South and North Korea. It is now 2013 and until now it did not happen. I pray war should never happen. Leaders and Excellent People (Even comedian like the great Charlie Chaplin - video) have guided us in the right path long before - The GOOD EARTH is RICH and can provide for everyone.
Greed has poisoned souls. We need humanity..
More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness..
I should like to help everyone.
We all want to help one another. 
Human beings are like that.
We want to live by each other's happiness, not misery.
We don't want to hate one another. 
If humans work together we can achieve everything.
I felt proud to stand near a wonderful team human made machine that has traveled far out into the unknown space and has comeback.

I always make sure to take my friends and family who visits me to NASA and show the work of great human beings and get the out of world experience. Recently, I had the privilege to accompany my Environmental Science (Masters) Professor Dr. Shanthi Vishwanathan, 

who had come to present a paper in International Conference on Bio defense and Natural Disasters. Hope we can focus on positive things and contribute such positive things to others.You don't  have to complex deeds, just simple good deeds are fine and it will add up. Again praying that no war should occur.