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Sunday, July 14, 2013

MRSA, India Trip, Environmental Projects

It has been a while since I updated enviroapps blog.

Trying to help a friend in his damaged house, somehow contracted MRSA bacteria. It was a very bad experience that I had to go through.

MRSA Prevention:
Keep your hands clean by washing thoroughly with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand rub as soon as you come from an outing.
Thanks to immediate attention and prayers, I am back to normal after couple of months.

Also, I traveled to India. I could see the difference in India because of the economic boom.
People driving high end cars, roads are becoming better (Still not that excellent).
These temples were built more than 1000 years ago and look as fresh as a new structure.

Since greed has taken over, the structures that has been built at recent past is withering away very easily.

Also, very little is focused on Environment and Pollution. Still Plastics are floating everywhere. Garbage thrown at will and nothing has improved on that issue. All roads should be like this with trees on the sides.

Anamalai Road

Few areas are clean, but doubt that they are pristine.

I heard that it was smelling pesticides before the rains. Thanks to good monsoon, the environment looks clean and not smelling pesticides.
Hopefully they will learn and make these areas pollution free and clean.

EA Farms project is moving forward as we envisioned. Dairy is moving along with several varieties of plants and trees being planted.
Within few years we will reap the benefits of these. I could smell fresh air from the variety of trees we planted there. Again rains have made it green. We are producing pure coconut without any chemicals and extracting very pure coconut oil. Also we are happy to produce milk that is uncontaminated and its pure bye- products. I had the most wonderful tasting butter from our farm. Peanuts that were grown also was very tasty. When I was young student, I had read in Tamil Mariyathai Raman Kadaigal that some one had fine lunch that consisted of thayir (yogurt) and agathi keerai (sesbania grandiflora also know as - august tree leaves or humming bird tree leaves) and it was the best food one could eat. I tried that and always felt that was so true. This time from EA Farms I savored the best yogurt and agathi keerai. Also I had the opportunity to feed agathi keerai to the cattle.

It was great pleasure to meet my professors in PSGCAS Environmental department. Dr. Palanivel and me went for lunch together and discussed various topics. He has started an Environmental lab - Greenlink Analytical and Research Laboratory (India) Private Ltd


I had the privilege to visit the lab and felt very happy. In this era of "REAL ESTATE BOOM", it feels better to know that people are still willing to do such endeavors. Thank God I had the opportunity to get guidance from such wonderful personalities.

Another day, we visited my friend Dr. Ravi's Aviculture farm - Wild County farm stay which is in Sethumadai - foothills of Topslip.
Wild County Farm Stay

I strongly recommend to stay at this place and enjoy nature at its best.
Very happy to see wildlife thriving at these areas.
Wild Monkeys

Nilgiri Tahrs

Overall had one of the best time of my life.

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