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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wetlands Festival, Free Backyard Trees, Arborday, Better Events for Communities and Environment

During this weekend,  I had a wonderful opportunity to attend 13th Orlando Wetlands Festival.
If opportunities are available in any community, these types of events should be conducted for the betterment of communities, societies, groups and environment. Parks and Recreation Department gave us a free backyard tree in celebration of Arbor Day.

We received a cherry plum tree. Hopefully one day we will get excellent plums from this tree in our backyard.

Wetlands are very important environment for every country in the planet. Also wide ranges of fauna and flora are available in these environments. We had a wonderful walk in the Fort Christmas Historical Park wetlands area. 

During the walk we saw a huge alligator eating a huge turtle. Several beautiful birds were flying, swimming and feeding in the wetlands. 

Excellent Photographic and bird watching trails were there.

There were several environmental societies and departments having their booths. I had the opportunity to talk to them. Few years back, I did research on Atrazine and wetlands. People who were in the Department of Environmental Protection told me that Atrazine is still the major chemical that enters the wetlands. Hopefully atrazine don’t affect the wetlands, since in Florida, sunshine is always there and atrazine degrades better with sunlight in wetland environment than any other water bodies. Also,  I hope for making future environmental association with these environmental groups and departments. 

Audubon society booths were there with live birds including the beautiful, wonderful and majestic Bald Eagle.

I wish that this type of events should be conducted in every part of world for the betterment of societies, communities and environment.

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