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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Poor Animals and Idiotic Poachers

Idiots are still killing majestic animals for wrong reasons:

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Rhinos - Poached in a National park.                                             
A majestic rhino crossing  - view from my car:

Tiger - Poached in Zoo.
A Tiger relaxing at Disney Animal Kingdom:

For God sake, there are medicines available  now for your dysfunctions. Rhino's horn and tiger parts wont do it.

Animals are not even safe in National Parks and Zoos. How one can protect these animals from these greedy morons?.

These greedy mongers want to erase all the national wealth including majestic animals.

Great Dr. Kalam is saying to give whatever you can and these low lifes are doing exactly the apposite of what he says. Recently, on Gandhiji's birthday Dr. Kalam  told that children should follow what Gandhiji's mom told to Gandhiji when he was nine years old - HELP OTHERS.

Dr. Kalam - on Gandhiji Birthday Celebrations, 2012:

Great Mahatma Gandhiji has once told - "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members (including the animals).
Hope these poachers end in a place where they cant do these activities in the future. Soon India needs to tighten up it's laws for saving its natural resources including these innocent but majestic animals.