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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Every day we hear about aggresive mining of Granite for making crores of rupees. Greedy irresponsible people who don't care about future of the country make huge mountain disappear. Mountains are there for a reason. They are very important resource for the country. They provide minerals to the ecosystem. By mining aggressively along with cutting numerous trees these people for sure, will turn the nation into a desert. In doing so, they affect the health of poor people who work there. Mining causes to release dust and radon gas that are inhaled by poor workers which affects their lungs that leads to lung cancer. Mining also can cause voids, affecting balances in rocks that leads to seismic waves which induces earth quakes. Environment and Health deteriorates because of such mining practices. With all that money, they and their future generations will be only enjoying the Desert Environment in the future. Rocks are very important for soil formation. Also it is equally worse to remove sand and soil from river beds. I see pictures of huge machines removing loads of very important soil resources from the river. This will not only affect the environment but also affect the country's economy. These people think they can make more money by mining to last soil particle, but what they ignore is the future of the country and its people. Hey illegal mining People -  STOP illegal mining and soil removal  immediately, at least for the sake of your own grand children, if not for the great country.

Good thing that these huge Granite mountains are out of your reach :-).
Yosemite - El Capitan - The granite monolith:

Yosemite - Half Dome - A Granite Dome:
You should read how these wondeful granite mountains have been saved and secured - National Parks.

All we see and hear is that granites are mined beyond limits, River soils and sands are removed at unprecedented levels, Trees and forest are destructed at alarming rates. Human resources are depleted by government supplies of liquor.  Corruption everywhere as that of 2G SCAMS.
OH MY GOD: Once again stop all the above negatives including - STOP AGGRESSIVE MINING for GRANITE and SAND REMOVAL FROM RIVER BEDS. If not it is going to affect you and your future generations also.

Wonderful Palani Hills:

Beautiful Western Ghats Mountains:


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