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Monday, March 5, 2012

Bird Feeding, Squirrel baffles

By maintaining a bird feed you see all types of birds eating from it.
Watching this makes time go fast and enjoy every nature moment.
Children love when they see the birds feeding from the bird feeders.
Birds can also help by eating insects and act as a natural insect controller.
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Mocking Bird:


Grey Crane:

Sandhill Cranes:


Birds can help in agriculture by controlling weed growth and aiding pollination.

They can be your natural outdoor pets and you can watch, photograph and enjoy every moment of Bird feeding.
Some times unwanted non-bird guests - squirrels can pose a huge threat. I am not against the squirrels, but they eat voraciously
and consume all food themselves. They would do any thing to get to the food source even biting the plastic that covers the food.


Old Used CD as Squirrel Baffle along Fan light Dome:

I have tried several methods to make squirrels share food with birds and none worked.
Finally I used an old fan light dome above the bird feeder and a used CD above the bird feeder as a squirrel baffler.
It worked and now squirrels have no other choice but to share the food with the birds.

Some more Birds:




Bird watching in natural environment is the best.