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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Positively Moving Forward

We are positively moving forward in the year 2012. EnviroApps, EA IT, EA FARMS and EAPHARMICS are moving in the right direction. We are praying and will work hard to achieve our goals as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, completed a recent trip to natural environments that brought new energy to me to face 2012.
Went to Bahamas
and then to the great Everglades
in Florida.
Both are beautiful environments. Oceans, beaches and swamp land. God has created these lands beautifully. Mangrove forests and boat rides were fun.
I had a wonderful chance to meet Dr. Yuncong Li, a great Soil and Environmental Scientist.
He has several scientific publications and is author of books on Soil Science.
We had excellent discussion on various Environmental Topics.
Hopefully we can put together some great positive work soon.

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