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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let us Pray, Unnecessary Deaths, Innocent Victims, Peace for the World

Whenever unnecessary deaths occur in the world (including current mumbai deaths),
all we can do is pray for every victim and their families.

Just to make a small steel pin, several people have to put in hard work:

Mining workers should mine the iron (Scientist, Government authorities should work to find and approve mining).
Steel industries are needed to manufacture steel (Again several people are involved in this process also).
Using blunt steel wire, a pin is made through several steps where so many teams and team players are involved.

However a blast destroys so many valuable things that several humans (diversified people from various religion, social status) worked together to build or create
(including loss of most valuable human lives).

It has killed so many people - dads and brothers were lost. It might have killed the bread winner of the family. Those innocent families lost their happiness for the entire life.

If only the money spent for destruction purposes was spent for families that are starving in hunger by providing food, shelter and educating their children - it would have eradicated poverty in the entire globe and there will be more positives everywhere. Peace and harmony will be there in Mother Earth.

For now: Let us continue to pray to God for peace on earth and give good mind to all people.
Our contribution will be developing sustainable lands for food production and help to form a good society.