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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Projects and Political Leaders

Recently Tamilnadu people did their democractic duty excellently.
Every type of people voted to make the change.

Once Tamilnadu had great leaders. Those political leaders had excellent visions for people. They had less money in their pockets. Tamilnadu was growing with the vision of those leaders. Recent leaders want to fill their pockets. Truth is they never cared about people. During their rule what have they done? Mostly increased the corruption and have no proper infra structure.

Think about roofless schools in the villages.
Recent leaders still follow the caste system and caste based politics.
They use the language as a tool to do regional politics and curb the growth of their people. They really back off when language, regional based politics is needed to save their people. Instead they go after greed of power and money.

We destroy oceans, forests, agricultural lands, trees, and soil resources.
Recent leaders are mostly opportunistic, liars and aim to increase their wealth.

If their real wealth is accounted they will be first in Forbes list. However they leave their people, society and state in deep trouble. With their amassed wealth excellent projects can be materialized with ease and the government will still have surplus.

These greedy politicians have spoiled the state. The young politicians should learn from previous leaders who have done well for their state, country and ignore the greedy politicians. Young politicians should work for the welfare of the people, execute important projects, eradicate poverty, improve schools and education, and improve agriculture and environment.

When a small group of people can do good projects such as this Sustainable Land Development, think about how many good projects that can be implemented with the money, power, knowledge and team that the Government has.

All we can do is pray to God to have such real leaders, fend off corrupt politicians and give strength to do our job and hardwork to move forward.