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Friday, April 22, 2011


Our actions:
Sustainable land development project is moving forward.
We created swale in our EA Farms. We hope after the rains we should increase the ground water.
Soon fruit trees, medicinal trees and other useful trees will be planted along with existing trees. We also thank people sending seeds in advance.
Trying to bring water to all parts of the land and we will achieve that soon. We will be using minimum water for the growth.
Soon we will be starting to rear animals.


As soon as irrigation is ready we will be making the land more and more green.
We are slowly but steadily achieving our goal - From Barren Pesticide Applied Land to Organic Natural Sustainable Land.

We Pray to God and Earth to make this project more success. We also welcome ideas from all who wants to contribute to Environment Well Being.
Thank You. Happy Earth Day.

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