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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alcoholism, Alcohol Consumption on Rise, Human Resources going waste

BRAIN, LIVER, STOMACH, HEART, KIDNEY and almost all organs are affected by alcohol.

CANCER, High blood pressure, several deficiencies and diseases are caused by alcohol.

As an Environmental Toxicologist I studied about the damages that alcohol can do to the human body.

So many articles on effects of alcohol and alcoholism are available in internet.

Even though these many dangers exist - young people tend to drink more and more alcohol.

Again due to the greediness of people , young people's life are put into danger.

This year's alcohol sale in TamilNadu reached 13 crore Rs.

Kerala also has equal amount of sales. Where is the youth going towards?

During my last visit to Tamilnadu and Kerala, I saw so many people flocking towards the liquor stores.

Whole society is turning bad, we are losing youth to alcohol monster and it is going to haunt us for long.

Human resources are going waste because of the alcohol consumption.

Hoping and praying to God that youngsters will take a new year resolution to quit consuming the monster - Alcohol.

Happy new year - 2011

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blood Boils, Hunger Death, God give Good Heart

I just read this in a Tamil newspaper.

In Tamil
In a city called Kanchipuram (famous for silk), one elderly person (90 years old)
could not take care of his handicapped daughter because of hunger. Both of them fainted
because they did not have anything to eat. The elderly person did not even know that his daughter
died because he himself was not in sense due to hunger.

To Politicians & Administrators of Tamilnadu:

Do something SOON -

You have the power to help people and please admin properly.

You have got enough money to build a buiding for supportless senior citizens. This would not cost much.

If you have a program for senior citizens it will create jobs and elderly people will be taken care.

I pray to God to give you the right heart to do atleast some good, so we do not hear such tragedies.

True leaders were there long back and they have guided you. Those golden words were never followed and these tragedies are occuring even now.

Senior Citizens"

But this type of info is for educated and good living senior citizens. What about the above support less senior citizen who died of hunger?

To youth of Tamilnadu:

Learn from these mistakes and do good to have wonderful future. Just dont be after money - you guys do good daily even if it is a small deed.

I know you good people are there and wanted to do something good. GO PLEASE DO!