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Friday, July 23, 2010

eco vs ECO

Sustainable Land Development Project:
eco vs ECO - Title implies that lower case eco is for environmental and
UPPER CASE ECO for ECONOMICS. May be one day we can change that.

As our aim is to use natural resources, we tried to bring in the solar and wind power to EA Farms. However initial queries for these ended up with huge cost estimates.

We contacted a company that produces water from wind.
Their technology is good, but the quote for the system was above our limits.

Then we contacted another company for solar and wind energy Combo unit. This cost was also high.

Our power requirement will be minimum and hence we are planning to go
with regular power resources (which we have several issues also :-)) rather than SOLAR & WIND Energy for time being.

As always Economics take over precendence over Environment.
But we will not give up. EA Farms will conform with minimal usage of power and try use renewable resource as we move forward.