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Monday, April 5, 2010


How can people do this:

Bringing back Expired drugs into the retail market by fixing fresh labels bearing new manufacturing and expiry dates.

As a person who loved studing Toxicology, I was astonished to see how people could do this. How many people would have been affected by this. Drugs would act differently after expiry date. It sure would have killed so many people and would have created toxic reaction to various people instead of treating them.

Is money that important for these people above the health of the other person.
Will this person give expired medicines to his mom, dad, children and dear ones?

Please people never do these type of business.

Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, India should perform regular test on random samples from market to eliminate this type of business.

We have visionary leaders who wanted to take countries forward. Think about their sacrifices.

Even if you cannot do 1% of Good that they did, do not do anything bad.

I am sorry even to write about these people in my blog.

Praying to God that these type of selfish human with such type of greed should never be in this world.

1 comment:

KC said...

Sad, but the species with the sixth sense can only think of money and degrades lower than a single sensed creature.
Hope the new generation changes for good.