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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Natural Calamities - Needs Monitoring & Alerting Systems

We are in 21st century and still facing enormous amount of deaths due to natural calamities.
We know about the plate tectonics several years before.
We know several countries lie in the Earth's fault layers.
We have excellent structural engineers and several quality institutes conducting
geological, civil and structural engineering, environmental and monitoring research.
Authorities who work for welfare of World such as United Nations should
provide monitoring devices to countries that mandatorily require monitoring systems. These systems can monitor future natural disasters and can signal or alert people to move to safe zone.
Builidngs should be built with earth quake resistance capability.
Several studies have been made for earth quake resistance capability building with minimal cost.
These information needs to be provided and implemented in all countries atleast along the fault lines.
This type of work should have been started in 20th century even.
Better Late than Never.
Also we should follow - PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE - not only in medicinal apsect, but in every other problems.

Several studies such as the following:
Under Sea Monitoring
Warning Systems
Building Tutorials

are available. We have to integrate these and create monitoring and alerting systems which would save several lives.

Now we have to
for the people who is affected,
for natural calamities not to happen again
for implementing monitoring and signalling systems and mainly:
Please give whatever you can to the affected people.