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Thursday, July 30, 2009

EASMSAE - Palindrome for Pachyderms

As an environmental scientist, I am always fascinated by the forest resources near my house in India (Pollachi) and asian elephants living there.
My previous article on Elephants.
I got an opportunity to write a proposal to save these great animals and submitted it to a funding agency:

A. EnviroApps Sustainable Model for Saving Asian Elephants
Proposal Summary:
EnviroApps Inc, an environmental application entity, is proposing a model project directed to save the Asian Elephants with a committed team. Our previous experience includes providing GPS consulting to government authorities to capture dangerous illegal poachers who had destroyed several threatened fauna and killed invaluable Asian Elephants for their tusks. Also we have created awareness through our blogspot and other partners about Environmental Awareness and Eco-Justice.

Proposed areas of the project -:
Area (Figure 1):
TamilNadu – India – Western Ghats – Anamalai

Figure 1: Map of Proposed Trans-Boundary Project Area

Table Information:
Location Area Forest Area Elephant
Population Threat
Anamalai 130,058 km² (50,216 sq mi). 22,643 km² (8,742.5 sq mi). > 4000 Reduction in forest area elephant population and their habitat

Threatened Elephant Population:

The proposed area consists of various threatened environment including elephant reserves. Even though the elephant population in the State is reasonably stable, their habitat is shrinking and they move towards the urban land, which is an immediate threat to the pachyderm population. Another major threat such as poaching had come down in this region, and this could be one of the reasons for the reduction of the elephant population. Current male-female ratio of the elephants in the wild in Anamalai is 1:10. This area needs to be mapped as “protected area” and elephants need to be identified, radio-collared and data should be stored and available to everyone in need. If immediate action is not taken, Eco-justice will not be served to the remaining few wild pachyderms in this area.

However after few days got a reply as follows:

This is to inform you that your proposal (ASE-0428) titled “Enviroapps sustainable model for saving Asian elephants (EASMSAE),” was reviewed recently by the proposal review committee. The review committee decided not to fund this project.

We receive a lot more excellent proposals than we are able to fund, and this proposal did not rank high in priority.

We appreciated the opportunity to review your proposal.

Good Thing: There are lot more scientists who are putting their efforts in saving these Great Animals.

My Sincere Thanks to KinnathuKadavu MLA Mr. S. Damodharan and K.Selvaraj, Forester for giving their support letters in a short notice. It is good to know that several people are interested in saving our forest, environment and animals including pachyderms.

We will be working with - EnviroApps Sustainable Model for Saving Asian Elephants - EASMSAE - Palindrome for Pachyderms in whatever ways we can.

One thing which I felt very much satisfied after submiting the proposal was that I got an email from someone whom I don't know with the following photos:
Guruvayoor Elephant:

Guruvayoor Elephants:

Elephant's mouth - it is like saying thank you:

Offering Bananas

It was like God sent a thankyou note for the true work to protect the elephants.

Makesh Karuppiah, Ph.D
Environmental Scientist