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Sunday, November 30, 2008

GOOD POSITIVE and evil negative

Recently after lunch, me and one of my close friends were walking towards our office.
At that time an Old lady stopped her car and asked for directions to a hospital.
We explained how to get to the hospital to her, however, she said she could not understand what we told her, since she was deaf.
So we told that we would drive and she could follow us to the hospital. I pulled my car and along with my friend drove to the hospital and
She followed us. After few minutes we found the hospital. She was happy and thanked us and told us "God bless you".
We did a very small positive thing, but felt completely satisfied with what we did and her blessings motivated further more.

Anyone will feel excellent after doing a good thing even if it is small deed.

That’s why it is very very hard to understand the negative things going on the world.
Even a small bad thing can trigger more and more evil deeds. World witnessed the evil
in INDIA, recently. This was totally EVIL, DESTRUCTION, and HELL on EARTH.
It brought unimaginable suffering to people. Even cost wise, think how much money was lost on this type of activities.

* Millions of people are without food and clothing in this 21st century.
* Millions of people are without proper education and schools.
* Millions of people are without shelter, jobs and medicine.

If that money was used in a positive manner to eradicate all the above, billions would have been benefited, instead of suffering.

I pray to God to give more and more people positive thinking each and every day and at least do one small good deed to others.
It will make our Precious Planet a better environment for our future generations.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Environmental Pollution Indicators

As an Environmental Scientist, I have been studying pollution indicators for several years. Any living organism can act as an indicator of Environmental conditions in any area. For example a recent news about a coastal area in Tamil Nadu indicates that it's environmental condition is deterioriating. Several birds migrate to this important and Environmentally critical Coastal area for breeding. Sandpiper, Spoon bills, Seagulls, and Pelicans are some of the birds. However this year most of the migratory birds did not show up here indicated that the area has been degraded environmentally.

Even though industries pledged (almost a year back) to eliminate effluent discharge into coastal areas (“Zero Liquid Discharge”), the birds did not show up due to Environmental degradation and they acted as Environmental Indicators.
I came across beautiful birds pictures by Capt.Balakrishnan in the following flickr site:

Beautiful Birds by Captain Balakrishnan

It is time to take proper action to revive these critical coastal area's Environment or else we could see the birds only on websites (such as Capt.BalaKrishnan's flickr site) and enjoy.

These birds are indicating that if proper actions are not taken, further more environmental degradation is going to occur.

Makesh Karuppiah, Ph.D
Environmental Scientist