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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

India a dumping ground - for E-wastes

Delhi - E-Waste Capital of the World.
E-Wastes - 1,46,180 tons per year.
Slow poisoning of Environment and health.
Many of India’s corporations burn e-waste such as PC monitors, PCBs, CDs, motherboards, cables, toner cartridges, light bulbs and tube-lights in the open along with garbage, releasing large amounts of mercury and lead into the atmosphere.
NEED STRONG e-waste policy and legislation
Fee from manufacturers/consumers for the disposal of toxic materials
Encourage recycling and disposal industries with positive points.


Environment of India is being abused by e-waste generators, because of lack of awareness, laws and human greed. This is one reason for starting the Sustainable Land Development Project. Hopefully we can stop atleast few percentages of these Environmental Abuses to Incredible India.

Solutions: The following safety measures (less cost safety materials would save these people in long run). Safety glasses, dust masks and gloves would protect at least minimally from these hazardous materials. These safety materials must be mandated and provided by money making companies who send their eWastes. Also PVC ashes should never be allowed to be dumped or burned in children playgrounds. Government and Environmental Ministry should provide proper disposal options.
Safety Glasses:

Dust Masks:


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