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Friday, February 1, 2008

Environmental Awareness Catching up in Tamil Nadu

Chennai Mayor has implemented a law to keep Chennai Environmentally clean.
Fines have been assigned for each offense:
Spitting, Garbage throwing, Animal Waste, Public Urination & Defecating etc.

This has to be implemented strictly all over the country, so that one day India will become Clean & more Beautiful.

As an Environmental Scientist from India, I always dreamed about this Clean & Environmentally Friendly India.

One drawback is the poverty that India faces. Poor people should also have access to Proper Garbage Disposal and Proper Toilet Facilities. With India's growth (Great Dr. Abdul Kalam's dream is coming true. Now at least in Cricket - India has become a financial super power and even country such as Australia say that) and status improving, I think India can achieve this.

Government should provide the necessary for the poor (Fundamental amenities, Education, Awareness & Training) without any hindrance, not only the city will be clean & Environmental friendly, but also the entire Country.

As we fine the violators, the followers should be given incentives.
Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Clean Environmental Keeper - Monetary award.
These types of incentives will promote Environmental Awareness and the goal can be achieved sooner.

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