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Saturday, April 28, 2018

One Earth Day

One Earth Day

On this Day praying for peace on the Globe,

Praying for no wars, no poverty and better environment.

Lot of us still ignore pollution around us, we ignore destruction of war, we ignore deforestation happening in front of us. We ignore plastics affecting us and environment, please don't ignore these do your part. Sometimes we cant't do anything about some issues - at that time please pray,

for example - I prayed on November 29 2010 

One more prayer: We dont need one more senseless war. Praying to bring peace for North and South Korea brothers and sisters.

Last week felt happy both Korea are having talks in  moving forward with peace. This brings satisfaction.  

 we have other areas where immediate attention and thinking is needed. Now we have so many different countries in the Earth and so many levels of ups and downs are between them. What I mean is that we have most developed countries, developing countries and non developing countries. Again when homo sapiens started their journey in Earth it was just one Earth, but now these differences were created by human intelligence. We have stepped into wrong path. Still we did not learn.  We should think as a vast minded person to make the wonderful Earth as one Earth. What I am conveying here is that every human being should have basic necessities and should not suffer from poverty. If you are a developed country improve the other non developed  countries  instead of pushing them backward. 

In this 21st century we talk about women empowerment. But still in some countries they are not treated well. I thought developed countries supported such women empowerment, but the news doesn't indicate that. One thing I want to talk about is curbing spouses ( mostly women ) to work. That is not women empowering. That is pushing  women backwards. If a developed country can do this in the 21st century think about other places where women are treated miserably.  By letting women work lots of positives happen. The family gets out of poverty and enrich other people also. Instead of taking such steps to curb women from.working one should consider to empower them and be an example to other countries. Anyway for them  when one door is shut, God opens other multiple doors with different opportunities. Also humans especially who are in Power thinks that everything is permanent until Earth reminds that Nothing is permanent in this World. Everyone should go from Earth  one day and will be recycled. So we should concentrate on eliminating poverty, providing basic necessities to every inhabitant, eliminate negatives and make one Good Earth.  Even if you are not helpful do not be a hindrance to Others growth.  Jealousy can ruin you and the surroundings, so dump that and help others. In long run it will be best choice for one Earth. We should work towards it so that future generations can live peacefully and concentrate on positive things. 

Once Swami Vivekananda asked a question to his Guru 

"Swami Vivekanand:*-  Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

and the Guru's  answer

*Ramkrishna Paramahansa:*- There are no unanswered prayers. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve. Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live.

I will be praying towards the good causes. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Data Governance

It's been a while I wrote an Information technology related article: I have been in Information technology especially in data field for so many years. In this era of data breaches, General Data Protection (GDP) is a must and GDP Regulation (GDPR) is moving forward at fast pace and will be enforced by May, 2018 by the European Union, Unions and Countries are mandating the data protection and even taking up a notch including enormous fine and even jail time for not compliant with GDP . 

 Data Availability, Data Usability, Data Consistency, Data quality, Digital Data Rights for people, General Data Protection, General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR Compliance, Data Security, Data Audits, Security Audits, Encrypted Data, Identification are the key points to take into serious consideration in the immediate future of any business that uses DATA as their main component (which is now every organization and business in this DATA Age).

DATA Governance Office must be integral part of every organizations and businesses that will provide these key components of DATA GOVERNANCE PROCESS and will include DATA STEWARDS, DATA Architects, Database Administrators, DATA Scientists, Information technologist, Business Analysts, Solution providers, Data stakeholders also should take part in GDP activities for better compliance that starts from the smallest piece - DATA ELEMENT. 

 Best practiced robust DATA Governance is must for every organization because it will protect them from so many data related challenges and complex data related issues. DATA Governance should be implemented using the best available tools as it requires every member of the organization to participate and protect. Organizations and businesses need to adopt, evolve, maintain and mature their DATA Governance and be ready for General Data Protection to remain successfully in the business in very near future. 

 From the smallest component - DATA ELEMENT to complete DATA Governance, complete governance solutions is required and experienced DATA management and governance people, companies and tools  can make the compliance easy and simplified. 

One such company with  most features of DATA GOVERNANCE and cost effective best tools is:



NucleusG - Best tool - Data Governance

Visit and communicate with them for Data Governance and  compliance and see how they can simplify the process and how you can benefit.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Water- Save and Conserve

Conserve Water

We need to conserve water as much as we can.

Already we are paying high price for water.

Water is  causing disputes in between countries and inside countries.

It is getting worse and worse for poor people for access to good potable water.

Human Race is depleting water resources at an alarming rate.

My Love for water research and water environments.

Improper and poor water management already have started water disputes between states in India. It have even influenced to move IPL cricket games. Hoping and praying for good resolution on this.

Nasa machine creating rains: Hopefully everyone gets the fundamental necessity water Save and conserve water for future generations.