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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alcohol Evil , Tamil Nadu, THEEYAVAI THEENDATHEY Tamil Book, Tamil Learning

Alcohol is Evil - It is number one killer. This evil has caught up in TamilNadu. Sad that youngsters are into it - because of the government sponsored TASMAC. It has rooted heavily in TamilNadu and it is very very sad that people die at very young age due to this evil.

In every Tamil movie they play that alcohol is evil and should be avoided, but the scene in the movie is that - the boys are drinking and smoking. I hope and pray that this changes soon. It has come to a point that someone should create awareness of this Arackan (Evil). I have been writing in my blogs about the bad things (mainly health issues) that occur.

Here I would like to say I am proud of my Brother in Law Mr. Arunachalam who had written a book on the 'Alcohol - the Evil' in Tamil. He is highly qualified who had taught in India and in International institutes.
 His Qualifications:

Specialization in:
* Health Communication.
* Sociology.
* Mass Communication& Mass Media.
* Audio Visual Education.
* Teaching Technology.
* Communication Research& Develpmt.
* Advertising & Visual publicity.
* Vocational training & development....
THROUGH *Teaching * Training * R & D and Practicum....
Secured Talent and Skills:
2. Model Making
3. Engraving & woodcarving
4. Textile design & screen printing
5. Tanjoure painting
6. Terracotta.., etc.
acquired Qualification:
1. MA., 2. M.Phil. 3. PGDJMC. 4. DFA.,5. DBP., etc...
Published book (2016) on "THEEYAVAI THEENDATHEY" in Tamil lyrics
(to avoid and wipe out alcoholism, DRUG Addiction and cessation of smoking and tobacco related use).

This book should be read by everyone in TamilNadu especially children. It should be given in every school in TamilNadu, so that young minds will get the needed and necessary awareness that is needed to avoid alcoholism. The book is also highly illustrated so that kids understands them very easily.
Here are some experts from the book from front cover to back Cover.

He mentions to eat greens (spinach).

We grow these spinach (greens) at EA Farms - organically without any artificial chemical input.

Contact info:
Let us eradicate this alcohol evil destroying our great Tamil Nadu.

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