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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pongal - Jallikattu

Pongal - great festival celebrated by us.

We are proud of our project EA FARMS - Sustainable Organic Natural  Agriculture and we celebrate  Pongal especially Mattu Pongal with Pride at our farms.

During this festival we treat our cattle with full respect and thank them for the help they provided the whole year towards our farm improvement.This project is brain child of me (My Educational qualification - Ph.D in Environmental Sciences, Masters in Computer Sciences (USA) and Masters in  Environmental Sciences and Environmental Physiology (INDIA))   and with the help of my beloved brother and friends it is moving forward as a great project. We are happy that it has created great awareness and producing great agriculture produce without chemical contamination. Yes, we are certified as ORGANIC by India Organic department.

Because of our love for animals,

we even became vegeterians . We create awareness for the environment and animals through ZoomVin.

@EA Farms we love our cattle, treat them as family

With all these backgrounds (High level education, love for environment, nature and animals, becoming vegetarian)

we wholeheartedly support  

Jallikattu  (our culture and tradition).

Again, we love out cattle, treat them as family and hug them during this tradition.

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